Coming Soon: The Folklore Forest

A new region with 3 new hunting areas
The King's excavation crews are working on passage to a new region!
Last week's news post included several eyewitness reports of a "mouse from another place that had visited the Sky Palace". These reports mentioned the mouse "savouring the opulence of the palace", which turned out to be a Bookborn Mouse from the Crystal Library savouring the opulent flavour of Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake.

Passage to a New Region

Thanks to the diligent effort of hunters throughout the Kingdom, a means of passage has been discovered into what's now confirmed to be the region of Folklore Forest!

The passage was discovered after hunters found a clue from a Bookborn Mouse that lead to tracking Silth mice to reveal a subterranean passage. These passages expand from the Fungal Cavern to the Lagoon, and to what's now known to be the Folklore Forest.

This passage is far too small for any hunter to navigate, however, the King's excavation crew is working on expanding and securing the passageway so hunters may navigate through to emerge in the Folklore Forest!

Access to Folklore Forest will be secured on
Tuesday, July 26 at approximately 3:00pm UTC
The Legendary Looking Glass will be required to enter the Folklore Forest

The Legendary Looking Glass

Entering the Folklore Forest requires the Legendary Looking Glass which can be purchased from the Floating Islands Cartographer. Gazing into this magical mirror will allow hunters to cross the protective boundary that lies at the end of the subterranean passage!

With the help of hunters, the Floating Islands Cartographer has confirmed how to assemble the Legendary Looking Glass.

Any hunter wishing to obtain one must follow these steps:

  • Recover a Liquid Lens from the Paragon of Water or the Empyrean Empress in a Hydro Reservoir
  • Recover a Tactical Grip from the Paragon of Tactics or the Empyrean Empress in a Tactical Maze
  • Recover an Antique Frame from the Paragon of Forgotten or the Empyrean Empress in a Forgotten Tomb
  • Acquire an Adorned Empyrean Jewel and 1,000,000 gold
  • Purchase a Legendary Looking Glass from the Floating Islands Cartographer
If you are an Archduke/Archduchess or above and have a Legendary Looking Glass you have all you need to be able to enter the Folklore Forest on Tuesday, July 26.

The Mystery of the Subterranean Underpass

March 2010 was the first time the Subterranean Underpass was mentioned. Entrenched in the lore of the mysterious Silth Mouse, this underground area came to be thought of as myth. It wasn't until hunters discovered a document from the Crystal Library that a certain Bookborn Mouse had in its possession that it became clear the Subterranean Underpass did indeed exist!

Upon this Bookborn discovering an Enchanted Page hinting at the existence of the passage, it quickly used its findings to scamper off to the Sky Palace in search of an Adorned Empyrean Jewel to create a Looking Glass of its own. The Jet Stream provided the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the palace without being noticed by its guards or any hunters where it quickly looted a jewel and returned to the Crystal Library. Although, not before acquiring a taste for the opulent flavour of Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake.

After a day or two of sleuthing, hunters uncovered this hidden Bookborn Mouse by luring it out of hiding in the Crystal Library using its new found love of Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake. With hunters now having discovered the Enchanted Page it wasn't long before the mystery of the Silth Mouse and the Subterranean Underpass was also solved.

With the King's excavation crew hard at work securing the passage, hunters can still experience solving this mystery to find special rewards!

Any hunter wishing to experience the mystery can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Capture the hidden Bookborn Mouse in the Crystal Library using Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake to obtain an Adorned Empyrean Jewel, Draft Derby Curds, and a new collectible Enchanted Page (Note: The Bookborn is so well hidden, not even your trap effectiveness meter will know it's there!)
  • Step 2: Capture a Silth Mouse in the Lagoon using Wicked Gnarly Cheese and any variety of Spore Charm to obtain Ingenuity Grubs, Extreme Spore Charms, and an Ultimate Charm!
  • Step 3: Capture a Silth Mouse in the Fungal Cavern using Wicked Gnarly Cheese to obtain Papyrus Seeds, Ultimate Spore Charms, and 2 Ultimate Charms!
The Subterranean Underpass mystery may only be experienced until Tuesday, July 26.
Larry has a gift to help a hunter get started:

When the passage leading to the Folklore Forest is secured on Tuesday, July 26 the special encounters with the Bookborn and Silth mice will no longer be able to be experienced.

Any hunter interested in the rewards of an Adorned Empyrean Jewel, 3 Ultimate Charms, and bonus Spore Charms should hunt these mice while they still can! The Enchanted Page Collectible will be able to be found in the Folklore Forest, although it will be relatively more difficult to obtain.

Folklore Forest Release
Tuesday, July 26 at approximately 3:00pm UTC
New region consisting of 3 areas for Archduke/Archduchess and above hunters!
The Legendary Looking Glass will be required to enter the Folklore Forest

Posted Jul 12, 2022 12:13pm by Dave Vanderburg

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