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A new tale arrives on the tailwind

Something strange was afloat above the Jet Stream
As the Jet Stream finishes, a new mystery begins in Gnawnia!

A new tale arrives on the tailwind

While the hunters of Gnawnia were occupied by the Jet Stream in the Low and High Altitude Floating Islands, something strange was afloat in the Empyrean Sky Palace!

There were several eyewitness reports of a mouse from another place that was visiting the Sky Palace and appeared to be searching for something. According to the locals, after savouring the opulence of the palace, the mouse managed to get its paws on something very valuable before returning home so it seems that it must have found what it was looking for.

After hearing these troubling reports, the King is calling upon the hunters of Gnawnia to uncover the truth behind this mysterious mouse and its clandestine intentions.

A curious discovery by the Cartographer

The Floating Islands' Cartographer has made a very interesting discovery! It seems that the mysterious mouse who had infiltrated the Sky Palace, left something behind on lower altitudes in its haste to return home. The Cartographer has analyzed it and it appears to be instructions for building a powerful looking glass with an enchanted reflection that reveals an entirely new region in Gnawnia!

The Cartographer is confident that the item can successfully be assembled as long as they are provided with the right materials. How to find these strange materials is a mystery in itself, so hunters are encouraged to stop by the Cartographer's shop to see if they can decipher the location of these three bizarre new items.

Enchanted spores are spreading

A mysterious force has been affecting the spores that grow in the Hollow Heights region which has imbued them with more power than ever before! As a result, a new Extreme Spore Charm has been created and all existing spore charms have had a permanent increase to their stats! Not only are they more powerful than ever but the spores are now easier to work with so the Charm Shoppes of the Fungal Cavern, Labyrinth, and Zokor have begun to sell them for a significantly reduced cost compared to their previous crafting recipes.

Spore Charm


  • Power: 700
  • Power Bonus: 6%
  • Attraction Bonus: 6%
  • Luck: 4

Super Spore Charm


  • Power: 800
  • Power Bonus: 7%
  • Attraction Bonus: 7%
  • Luck: 5

NEW Extreme Spore Charm


  • Power: 900
  • Power Bonus: 8%
  • Attraction Bonus: 8%
  • Luck: 7

Ultimate Spore Charm


  • Power: 2,000
  • Power Bonus: 12%
  • Attraction Bonus: 12%
  • Luck: 10
All Spore Charm crafting recipes are now defunct. Hunters looking to obtain these new and improved charms must acquire them from one of the aforementioned Charm Shoppes or from the Marketplace.

Visit the Cartographer in the Floating Islands to uncover the mystery of the Legendary Looking Glass!

Floating Islands
Find the Looking Glass to be prepared to enter the Folklore Forest when it is released later this month!

Can you find the mysterious mouse that stole from the Sky Palace and has now gone into hiding somewhere in the Kingdom of Gnawnia?

Posted Jul 5, 2022 3:03pm by Norman Hussey

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