Jet Stream Ending Soon

How many Storm Cells have you stockpiled?
The surge of windy weather is about to subside

Jet Stream Ending

The winds of the Jet Steam are beginning to calm as the weather event has nearly run its course in Hollow Heights. As originally forecast, the Jet Stream will come to an end on Tuesday, July 5 at approximately 3:00pm UTC.

When the Jet Stream ends, hunters will immediately no longer benefit from the exploration speed bonus and will no longer find additional Storm Cells from Sky Paragons or Wardens. Any unused Jet Stream hunts will be removed upon the event ending.

How many Storm Cells have you managed to stockpile in anticipation of ascending to the Sky Palace? During the Jet Stream the Empyrean Sky Palace was eerily quiet as hunters were preoccupied on Low and High Altitude Islands.

Last Chance for Jet Setting

The limited time Jet Setter Bundle and Bottled Wind sale will also end when the Jet Stream dissipates. Today is your last chance to pick up these amazing deals!

Jet Setter Bundle
Amazing Sky Palace supplies!
100 Bottled Wind
Bottled savings!
500 Bottled Wind
Best deal ever on wind!
Make the most of the final hours of the Jet Stream!
The Jet Stream event ends on July 5, 2022 at 3:00pm UTC

Posted Jul 4, 2022 1:11pm by Dave Vanderburg

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