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June 14, 2022

Patch Notes for June 14, 2022

Claw Shot City Updates and Improvements

Changes to Bounty Hunter Mouse and Sheriff's Badge Charm:
  • Increased encounter and catch chance for Bounty Hunter Mouse
  • Sealed Wanted Poster is now a guaranteed drop from Bounty Hunter Mouse
  • Increased maximum inventory quantity for Sealed Wanted Posters to 6
  • Bounty Hunter mice can now be encountered even while hunters have Sealed Wanted Posters in their inventory (he will still "leave town" while hunters are on an active Wanted Poster)
  • Sheriff's Badge Charm now doubles the quantity of Sealed Wanted Posters that Bounty Hunter mice drop (still guarantees the catch)
Changes to Claw Show City Adventure (Track Claw Shot City's Most Wanted):
  • Capturing the Ringleader for a Wanted Poster now "apprehends" the gang, awarding adventure goals for both sheriff and deputy, regardless of which hunter caught the mouse
  • When starting a Wanted Poster, hunters will encounter a Wild Bunch Gang they've yet to apprehend until the adventure is completed
Balance Changes to Mouse Power and Encounter Rates:
  • Reduced the power of Wild Bunch Ringleader mice by 35%
  • Reduced the power of all other Wild Bunch mice by 50%
  • Slightly increased attraction rate of Wild Bunch Crew and Bounty Hunter mice in Claw Shot City
  • Significantly increased attraction rate of Ringleader mice after Crew has been caught
  • Shopkeeper and Lasso Cowgirl mice now have a chance to drop Cactus Charms

Other Misc. Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with how caught mice were being displayed for Wanted Posters
  • Fixed issue where bonus from Chrome Codex would not correctly apply during certain hunts
  • Increased maximum quantity for Supply Transfers from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000†
† Supply Transfer changes affecting the mobile app will only apply to version 1.124.0 and above.

Posted Jun 14, 2022 by Giorgio 🫘 Sintichakis

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