Ronza is here!

Time to collect Chrome Bits!
Come see the new items Ronza has to offer!

Ronza is here!

At long last, Ronza is here! Some devious mice have pulled off the heist of a century, stealing a record amount of Chrome Bits directly from Ronza's ship and scattering them throughout the Kingdom! Ronza has landed her ship and is immediately opening up her shop to all hunters of Gnawnia so they may help retrieve her stolen goods. With so much plundered from her ship, the mice of Gnawnia are inundated with excess Chrome Bits, each mouse caught will have an even greater chance at rewarding a Chrome Bit. Once you've collected your chrome, bring it back to Ronza and visit her shop which she has restocked with old and new items ripe for the picking! Her world famous Chrome Upgrade Kits have returned with some new additions to add a little sparkle to your traps.

Ronza will depart on June 15!

Powerful New Weapons!

Ronza has brought several exciting new things this year in addition to her old favourites! Anything marked as Limited Edition will never be sold again so pick them up while you can.

NEW Chrome Thought Obliterator Upgrade Kit

A stylized bottle of a unique, thoughtwave magnifying chrome. The bottle dances when someone nearby is thinking of it.

(Chrome Thought Obliterator Trap):

  • Power Type: Forgotten
  • Power: 16,025
  • Power Bonus: 25%
  • Attraction Bonus: 20%
  • Luck: 21
  • Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh
  • Title Required: Archduke/Archduchess

Costs 21M gold and 1 Chrome Kit Voucher

NEW Mist Meter Regulator Base
(Limited Edition)

Mist Regulator Base

The Mist Meter Regulator Base can consume two Mist Canisters per hunt to keep the Burroughs Rift mist levels locked in a healthy green range.

  • Power: 300
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 15%
  • Luck: 6
  • Title Required: Count/Countess

Costs 3,945,000 gold

NEW Cheese Seeking Lighthouse Trap
(Limited Edition)

This trap illuminates cheese drawing mice to it, inviting them to rest with the soothing ocean sounds. When the mice let down their guard the light goes out, and creatures emerge from the shadows.


  • Power Type: Shadow
  • Power: 5,250
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 15%
  • Luck: 21
  • Title Required: Baron/Baroness

Costs 8M gold

Deals You Can Vouch For!

Don't want Chrome Upgrade Kits? Ronza offers a generous selection of powerful charms and Chrome Bits that can be exchanged for your Chrome Kit Vouchers.

Crate of Ultimate Rift Lucky Power Charms

Contains 100 Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charms!

Costs 1 Chrome Voucher!

Crate of Baitkeep Charms

Contains 3 Baitkeep Charms!

Costs 1 Chrome Voucher!

Crate of Ultimate Charms

Contains 10 Ultimate Charms!

Costs 1 Chrome Voucher!

Pile of Chrome Bits

Contains 100 Chrome Bits!

Costs 1 Chrome Voucher!

Treasure Hunters Rejoice!

Elite maps are now available! Hunters with the title of Archduke/Archduchess will now be awarded with Elite Chrome Maps when opening a Chrome Scroll Case.

Chrome Scroll Case

A chrome map for you and four of your friends!

Costs 100 Chrome Bits

Party Size Chrome Scroll Case

Same mouse list, same rewards, TWICE as many hunters!

Costs 200 Chrome Bits and 1 Rare Map Dust

Permanently Upgrade Your Chrome Charms!

Chrome Codex

Ronza is ready to pass on her chrome working knowledge to the masses. For a modest fee you too can be in possession of Ronza’s Chrome Codex!

Within its pages, years of secret chrome handling techniques are listed. By simply having this item present in your inventory, the power, power bonus, and luck of your normal Chrome Charms and Rift Chrome Charms will be permanently increased!

Ronza wants to ensure everyone benefits from her years of research. She has created enough copies of her Chrome Codex so that every hunter in Gnawnia can have one to call their own. Head over to Ronza’s General Store and purchase yours for a modest 500,000 gold!

More stats for your Chrome Charms!

The Fleet Flys High Once Again!

The dirigible squadron returns! Ronza's bringing reinforcements to ensure that all of Gnawnia's hunters are fully stocked up on supplies.

Ronza's Floating Islands Supply Ship
Has Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake!
Ronza's Queso Canyon Supply Ship
Spices, tonic, and more!
Ronza's Diving Supply Ship
Oxygen, jets, and more!
Ronza's Fungal Supply Ship
Has gemstones!
Ronza's Fort Rox Supply Ship
Moon Cheese, mana, and more!
Ronza's Tribal Supply Ship
Includes Havarti!
Rift Dirigible Kit
Plenty of Rift Airship Charms and Magical String Cheese!
Ronza's Moussu Picchu Supply Ship
Includes Dragonbane Charms
Ronza's Rift Supply Ship
Something for all Rifts!
Ronza's Labyrinth Supply Ship
Cubes, oil, and more!
Ronza's Living Garden Supply Ship
Includes 100 Aleth!
Ronza's Gauntlet Supply Ship
Up to Tier 5 Potion!

Ronza's Imported Fashion Stylings!

This year Ronza has brought a diverse collection of cosmetics for the Kingdom's most chique hunters. These trap skins are available for purchase in the Premium Shop! For Ronza’s fellow fashionista’s, Ronza's Trap Skin Special will buy them all!

NEW Chrome Celestial Jubokko Tree

(for use with the Chrome Celestial Dissonance Trap)

A beautiful tree, or is it something more sinister?

NEW Slumbering Baker Trap Skin

(for use with the Slumbering Boulder Trap)

Freshly baked cookies that could wake anyone from a slumber with its tantalizing aroma.

NEW Pensive Enraged Rhinobot Skin

(for use with the Enraged RhinoBot)

I am enraged, therefore I am.

NEW Super-Safe™ Drencher 500 Trap Skin

(for use with the Steam Laser Mk. III)

Beat the heat with this obviously very safe trap skin.

NEW Peony Prison Core Trap Skin

(for use with the Ember Prison Core Trap)

What is nicer than a beautiful peony?

Limited Time Specials!

Ronza has also brought some extra special, limited time items, including generously discounted SUPER|brie+ and a bundle with all the new skins!

100 SUPER|brie+ Bundle
100 SUPER|brie+ for only $1!
Sleek and Shiny Bundle
All That Glitters Is Chrome!
Party Size Chrome Scroll Case
The Shiniest Party In The Kingdom!
Ronza's Trap Skin Special
All new skins, all at once!

Chrome Bits will stop dropping on June 8!

Ronza will be departing Gnawnia on June 15!

Chrome Bits and Chrome Vouchers Will Be Removed when Ronza Leaves

Make sure you spend your Chrome Vouchers and your Chrome Bits before June 15. After that date, they will be removed from your inventory.

Posted May 25, 2022 2:59pm by Christopher Korolyk

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