May 17, 2022

Patch Notes for May 17, 2022

Removed Items (Blueprints)

  • The following blueprint items have been removed from the game:
    • Ancient Box Trap Blueprints (Refund: 158,175 gold)
    • Ancient Spear Gun Blueprints (Refund: 160,000 gold)
    • Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece (Refund: 158,175 gold)
    • Blackstone Pass Trap Blueprints (Refund: 1,100,000 gold)
    • Clockwork Portal Blueprints (Refund: Fel Essence, Icuri Essence)
    • Dehydration Base Blueprints (Refund: 22,330 gold)
    • Endless Labyrinth Blueprints (Refund: 6,980,000 gold)
    • Event Horizon Blueprints (Refund: 2,300,000 gold)
    • Grand Arcanum Blueprints (Refund: Gur Essence, Icuri Essence)
    • Hearthstone Base Blueprints (Refund: 147,500 gold)
    • Magnet Base Blueprints (Refund: 48,500 gold)
    • Minotaur Base Blueprints (Refund: 7,900,000 gold)
    • Mysterious Blueprints (Refund: 632,700 gold)
    • Oasis Water Node Blueprints (Refund: 800,000 gold)
    • Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints (Refund: 45,079 gold)
    • Obvious Ambush Trap Blueprints (Refund: 1,100,000 gold)
    • Phantasmic Oasis Blueprints (Refund: Est Essence, Fel Essence, Icuri Essence)
    • Refined Pollutinum Base Blueprints (Refund: 766,000 gold)
    • Remote Detonator Base Blueprints (Refund: 48,500 gold)
    • RhinoBot Blueprints (Refund: 940,000 gold)
    • Rift Base Blueprints (Refund: 7,500,000 gold)
    • Sandstorm MonstroBot Blueprints (Refund: 999,000 gold)
    • Soiled Base Blueprints (Refund: Fel Essence, Gur Essence, Hix Essence)
    • Spellbook Base Blueprints (Refund: 936,000 gold)
    • Sphynx Wrath Blueprints (Refund: 900,000 gold)
    • Spiked Base Blueprints (Refund: 97,500 gold)
    • Temporal Turbine Blueprints (Refund: 2,500,000 gold)
    • Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Blueprints (Refund: 550,000 gold)
    • Zugzwang's First Move Blueprints (Refund: 615,000 gold)

The crafting recipes associated with the blueprints listed above have been removed from the Recipe Book. The items associated with these blueprints should now be acquired through the appropriate Trapsmith.

Shelved Items (Vintage Crafting Materials)

  • The following crafting materials have been removed from General Stores and marked as Vintage:
    • Arcane Crystal (Removed from Lost City, Sand Dunes, Living Garden, Labyrinth, and Zokor General Stores)
    • Bead of Slumber (Removed from Catacombs, Forbidden Grove, and Acolyte Realm General Stores)
    • Droid Parts (Removed from Bazaar and Furoma General Stores)
    • Metamorphic Rock (Removed from Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang's Tower, and Crystal Library General Stores)
    • Phantasmic Essence (Removed from Lost City, Sand Dunes, and Living Garden General Stores)
    • Rice Paper (Removed from Furoma General Stores)
    • Umbral Capacitor (Removed from Lost City, Sand Dunes, Living Garden, Labyrinth, and Zokor General Stores)

The items listed above can be smashed using the Hunter's Hammer for a full refund of their gold cost at any time as desired.

Weapon Balance Adjustments

  • PartyBot (LE)
    • Power: 3500 (previously 2850)
    • Adjusted the power of the PartyBot in line with the power increases received by the Mouse DeathBot and its counterparts in the Shops Refresh update

Description Changes

  • Added more "Primary Source" hints to Larry's Loot Lexicon now covering all crafting items which are referenced in stores' item costs throughout the game
  • Made edits to Larry's Tips in some areas to reflect the new shop additions from the Shops Refresh update
  • Appended description to the vintage crafting items above stating that they can be smashed for a refund using the Hunter's Hammer

Posted May 17, 2022 by Jake Nissen

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