Regional Friend Hunting

The Hunter's Horn has been tuned, sounding louder than ever!
Friends in the same region are now eligible to be brought on hunts

Hunt with Friends in the Same Region

The Hunter's Horn has been tuned to sound louder than ever! Friends that are eligible and are in a location within in the same region as you can now be brought on a hunt when you sound your Hunter's Horn.

Previously, friends were only eligible if they were in the same location as you. Note that this change to the Hunter's Horn has not changed how the Tournament Horn works.

As always, there is additional criteria to determine if a friend is eligible to be brought on a hunt:

  • They must have been active in the last 60 minutes
  • They must have cheese armed
  • Their Hunter's Horn must be ready
  • They must have completed the game tutorial and reached the title of Apprentice
  • They must not have an unclaimed King's Reward
  • They must not have restrictions on their account which disable interaction with other players
  • They must not be in the midst of performing another action in the game such as attempting to sound the horn themselves

Additionally, a limit of 8 friends can be brought on a hunt at one time.

Updated Travel Map (Browser Only)

Friends in Region

The travel map within the browser version of the game has received a small update to indicate how many friends you have within each region.

The dev team is brainstorming updates to a few other interfaces for both browser and mobile to incorporate region info in places such as the friend list and friends online section within Camp.

Friends in the same region as you can now be brought on hunts!

Posted May 10, 2022 2:50pm by Dave Vanderburg

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