Shops Infrastructure Overhaul

New and improved shops throughout the Kingdom!
The King’s infrastructure project has been completed! New Trapsmiths, Cheese Shoppes, and General Stores have appeared all throughout the realm!

New Shops Throughout the Kingdom

Larry has been hard at work, continuing to hone his training techniques while advocating for improvements to infrastructure throughout the Kingdom!

More shops means less remembering which location sells which item and no more traveling around merely to check the price of items!

Gone are the days where hunters needed to cross over the Elub Shore when their supplies of Gouda Cheese or Coconut Milk were depleted. No longer will hunters have to descend the Mountain simply to check the price of a trap in town before trudging back to their hunting grounds!

Today, the King’s infrastructure project has been completed, ensuring that every hunting location has a Cheese Shoppe, General Store, and Trapsmith. Now, no matter where you’re hunting, you’ll always be able to restock on basic cheese and hunting supplies!

Nearly every location now has a Cheese Shoppe, Trapsmith, and General Store.

Larry has ensured every location now has a Trapsmith stocked with Weapons and Bases appropriate for hunters who are first entering the area.

With the advancements in trap-building technology, Trapsmiths are now able to supply traps to hunters which previously needed to be discovered and crafted. Furthermore, Trapsmiths have simplified the process of obtaining traps in many cases by replacing some of their material costs with an equivalent gold cost. No need to supply the Trapsmith with the Platinum Bars needed to craft the trap yourself – It’s all included in the price!

Sphynx Wrath Trapsmith listing
Many traps created via crafting can now also be purchased from a Trapsmith for the same gold and item costs.

Many Blueprints Are Being Phased Out

With the secrets of crafting now revealed to Trapsmiths throughout the Kingdom, crafting simple traps is now a somewhat antiquated practice. As such, blueprints have been removed from General Stores for any traps which are now purchasable through Trapsmiths.

Any blueprints removed from General Stores will remain usable in crafting tables, allowing hunters to complete their traps. Though they will later be removed from existence, along with their unique associated materials and recipes, therefore wise hunters should use their Hunter’s Hammers to receive a refund on their blueprints while they can.

Blueprints are no longer sold in General Stores due to traps and bases being sold directly from Trapsmiths. These Blueprints can still be utilized on the crafting table or otherwise smashed with the Hunter’s Hammer for a full refund.

Adjustments to Traps and New Hunting Knowledge

With this grand overhaul to Trapsmiths across the Kingdom, trap-building processes have been streamlined, reducing costs and improving the performance of more basic traps.

Continuing with his efforts to improve the knowledge base of hunting techniques, Larry has continued to expose weaknesses on mice throughout the Whisker Woods, Furoma, all the way through to the Tribal Isles. Hunters hunting these adversaries will notice many are slightly easier to capture than they were before.

Many lower-level traps have had their costs reduced and many have had their stats increased! Hunters in some areas will also notice some mice have become weaker.
Mouse DeathBot

3000 2400

4 2

Cost Reductions:

150,000 256,000

Onyx Mallet

4200 3800

12 6

Cost Reductions:

3 12

Heat Bath
4500 4000
15% 5%
15 14

Cost Reductions:

6 36

Tidal Base
12% 8%

Cost Reductions:

2.5 Mil 5.6 Mil

150 400

30 90

These are just a few of the traps that have received improvements! Read the patch notes for more details.

Finally, Larry has upgraded his Loot Lexicon to include a hint pertaining to where some items can be discovered. He has only begun to document this knowledge as “Primary Sources” which will no doubt help point hunters in the right direction. However, the best way to obtain these items and to hunt the mice that drop them remains a skill each hunter must hone for themselves.

Primary Source
Mobile support for “Primary Source” will come in a future update.

Future Plans

“What about Charm Shoppes?” This is only the first stage of improvements to infrastructure! The King is already assessing the process of Charms to have them better distributed throughout the Kingdom. His Majesty’s finest cheese experts are also busy studying the logistics of selling more varieties of crafted cheese within the now many Cheese Shoppes in the Kingdom.

Looking for more specifics?
Put on your hunting spectacles, grab a warm cup of tea, and settle in to read the extensive patch notes for this release to receive a more detailed breakdown.

Posted Mar 22, 2022 3:07pm by Jake Nissen

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