The Lunar New Year event has ended

We hope you enjoyed celebrating the Year of the Tiger!

The Lunar New Year event has come to an end

We hope you enjoyed the celebration of the Year of the Tiger!

You are no longer able to collect Dumpling Cheese or Lunar Lantern Candles at stockpile locations.

You are also no longer able to light any Lunar Lantern candles and therefore won't receive the Lantern luck bonus, loot bonus, or be able to make any more progress on the reward track.

You will still be able to claim any unclaimed track rewards and spend any unused candles on the Lunar New Year specific items in the shops until February 22.

Any candles that you have not lit and choose not to spend will remain in your inventory along with any unused Dumpling Cheese and Nian Gao'da Cheese.

Still Working on a Lantern Lighter Map?

You still have the rest of this week to find those last few event mice to complete your map and earn its full rewards. Just head to any of the stockpile locations and arm your Dumpling Cheese or Nian Gao'da Cheese to attract the regular pool of Lunar New Year event mice.

Otherwise, you can choose to activate Consolation Mode on your map to receive a portion of its rewards in lieu of finishing it.

Stockpile Locations

Town of Gnawnia
Great Gnarled Tree
S.S. Huntington IV
Claw Shot City
Muridae Market
Gnawnia Rift
Fungal Cavern
Moussu Picchu
Queso River
Islands' Launch Pad

As of February 22, all of the Lunar New Year mice, rewards, and shop items will be gone until next year.

Posted Feb 15, 2022 4:33pm by Joshua✌️ Silveira

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