Happy Lunar New Year

Celebrate the new Year of the Tiger and earn DOUBLE or TRIPLE loot!
Raise your Lantern to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

Year of the Tiger


The Year of the Tiger is upon us and it's time to kick off the new year with heaps of luck and loot! The Lunar Lantern has returned along with the lunar event mice at twelve locations across Gnawnia!

Claim the Tiger Lantern, collect and light Lunar Lantern Candles, and join the celebration to earn double or triple loot anywhere in the Kingdom!

How to Celebrate

Stockpile Locations

Travel to any one of these stockpile locations. You can refer to the Lunar New Year Heads-Up Display to view this list along with a travel button to take you to a specific location immediately.

Town of Gnawnia
Great Gnarled Tree
S.S. Huntington IV
Claw Shot City
Muridae Market
Gnawnia Rift
Fungal Cavern
Moussu Picchu
Queso River
Islands' Launch Pad

Claim the Tiger Lunar Lantern!

Upon arrival at a stockpile location you can claim the Tiger Lunar Lantern immediately via the event Heads-Up Display!

Gather Dumpling Cheese

At stockpile locations, you can gather Dumpling Cheese by just hunting the regular mice in the area with standard cheese.

Gather Lantern Candles from Lunar Event Mice

Gone are the days where you needed to catch these critters in a specific order! Gather Lunar Lantern candles from any of the event mice while hunting with Dumpling Cheese at Stockpile Locations. If you hunt with the premium Nian Gao'da cheese you will also find some of the coveted Red Lunar Lantern Candles.

Light the Candles and soar into prosperity!

Now it's time for the fun part! With the Tiger Lantern you claimed, you can begin lighting these candles and reaping their rewards!

When your lantern is lit with Lunar Lantern Candles, you will find DOUBLE loot from mice anywhere in the Kingdom! And if you're lighting Red Lunar Lantern Candles then you'll find TRIPLE loot!

Double Loot DropTriple Loot Drop

The amazing power of the lantern and candles doesn't end there. While you hunt with your lantern lit, it will rise into the air in search of more rewards. Each hunt with a Lunar Lantern candle lit will raise your lantern by one foot and each hunt with a Red Lunar Lantern candle lit will raise it by two feet!

Luck Bonus

Every ten feet that your lantern ascends, you'll receive a +1 Luck bonus to your trap that will apply whenever the candles are burning. The bonus is cumulative so the higher you go, the more luck you'll get!

Chrome School of Tiger Sharks Skin

Every thirty feet that your lantern ascends, you'll receive an extra reward in addition to the +1 Luck and the rewards keep getting better the higher you ascend! Be sure to check out the Heads-Up Display to get a glimpse of all the valuable items that await you along the reward track!

Lunar New Year Items

The various shops at stockpile locations now stock Lunar New Year themed items that can be purchased with Lunar Candles! Keep an eye out for some unique and festive airship parts and trap skins!

The Lantern Lighter Scroll Case is also returning to cartographers at stockpile locations. Use it to speed up your candle collecting!

Valentine's Matchmaker

Love is in the air! From February 10 to 15 you will occasionally encounter some lovestruck mice during your hunts. These special Valentine's mice will occasionally appear as a bonus hunt after a successful catch and will not consume any cheese or charms! They do however drop some lovely Valentine's loot!

The Valentine's Matchmaker Mini-Event will run from February 10 to 15

Celebration Supplies

The King has expanded his collection of offerings with a variety of bountiful bundles to help you raise your lantern to new heights!

New for this year, the King has decreed that all candles will now be sold in packs that can be given to friends or bought and sold on the Marketplace to promote the festive spirit of sharing prosperity!

Lunar Starter Bundle
A lucky way to start off!
Lunar Mega Bundle
Mega Luck!
Year of the Tiger Gift Basket
Give to friends!
Year of the Tiger Supply Kit
Stock up!
Year of the Tiger Large Supply Kit
The biggest celebration!
10 Pack of Lunar Lantern Candles
Start burning!
10 Pack of Red Lunar Lantern Candles
These burn the brightest!
100 Pack of Red Lunar Lantern Candles
Rocket to the top!

Only available from February 10 to 15

Be Mine Bouquet
For that special someone!
50 Lucky Valentine Charms
Get lucky!

The Lunar New Year event will end on February 15, 2022

As of February 15, you will no longer be able to collect Dumpling cheese or Lunar Lantern Candles at stockpile locations.

You will also no longer be able to light any Lunar Lantern candles and therefore won't receive the Lantern luck bonus, loot bonus, or be able to make any more progress on the reward track.

You will still be able to claim any unclaimed track rewards and spend any unused candles on the Lunar New Year specific items in the shops of stockpile locations until February 22.

Posted Jan 31, 2022 5:06pm by Joshua✌️ Silveira

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