Last Stop! Final Days of The Great Winter Hunt Are Upon Us!

Last chance to send out your golems!
Golem Parts, Pecan Pecorino, and other items can no longer be found as loot.

Slushy Conditions Slow Down Express!

The first signs of slush have appeared as the Festive Comet slowly begins to melt. Ol' King Coal is becoming deterred by the constant meddling from hunters driving his profits deeper and deeper into the red. The muddy, less-than-festive ground conditions have caused mice to no longer carry Great Winter Hunt supplies.

Pecan Pecorino, Golem Parts, Sugar Cookies, and other festive items can no longer be found as loot drops.

Sending Out Final Golems

Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until Tuesday, January 11. Have more parts than you think you'll be able to use before January 11? Smash extra Golem Parts into Animated Snow which can be spent at the General Store to purchase Festive Jingle Bells. These magical, one-time-use bells will help hastily return a golem, allowing you to quickly use up those excess parts!

25 Festive Jingle Bells
INSTANTLY return a golem!
Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat
Make final golems count

Reminder: Spend Festive Sugar Cookies

Changing your HUD decorations will still affect which mice you attract however, decoration-themed mice will no longer drop Festive Sugar Cookies. Make sure to take stock of your final count of Sugar Cookies and then browse the various shops at the Festive Comet where you can spend them on all sorts of rewards!

The Great Winter Hunt will end completely on
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until the event ends completely.

After the event ends, any Golem Parts and Animated Snow in your inventory will melt away, M.I.L.K. and Cookies will evaporate and crumble, and any Compressed Cinnamon and Sugar Cookies will be collected by the King.

Make sure to use up all of these resources before January 11!

Posted Jan 5, 2022 4:06pm by Franco D'Auria

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