Happy New Year!

Collect Firework Sugar Cookies
Capture Ol' King Coal to unlock fireworks decorations and earn new rewards!

New Year's Yule Log

Light up the new year with a fiery new yule log! Always the resourceful businessmouse, Ol' King Coal has capitalized on the season and hoarded a supply of these special, limited time yule logs. Capture him and use the log to decorate your camp with an explosive display! Just... uhh... maybe take a few steps back from it.

When the New Year's decorations are active you'll attract a few New Year's event mice that drop Firework Sugar Cookies. These tasty cookies can be exchanged at the Festive Comet shops for new rewards!

New Year, New Rewards

2022 Charm

Provides an impressive 2,022 power!

2022 Lucky Codex

Provides a +1 Luck bonus until the end of 2022!

Rift 2022 Charm

Provides an impressive 2,022 power and benefits from the Riftwalker/Riftstalker set bonus!

2022 New Year's Base

This 10 Luck base has a chance to cause mice to drop 2022 Charms and Rift 2022 Charms!

Golems Countdown at the Comet

The Golems are ready to celebrate New Year's at the Festive Comet! Hunters can now send golems to the Festive Comet location itself where the golems will collect 2022 Charms, Rift 2022 Charms, Pecan Pecorino, Throwable Snowballs, and all sorts of other goodies! If you're running low on event supplies or want to stockpile some 2022 Charms then try sending a few golems to the Festive Comet!

The Great Winter Hunt will enter shutdown phase on
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the magic of the Festive Comet will begin to fade. At this time, Pecan Pecorino, Golem Parts, Sugar Cookies, and other festive items can no longer be found as loot drops as the comet slowly melts back into the Vacant Lot.

The Great Winter Hunt will end completely on
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until the event ends completely.

After the event ends, any Golem Parts and Animated Snow in your inventory will melt away, M.I.L.K. and Cookies will evaporate and crumble, and any Compressed Cinnamon will be collected by the King.

Make sure to use up all of these resources before January 11!

Posted Dec 28, 2021 3:40pm by Franco D'Auria

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