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Chedd-ore aplenty in this revision!
Progress faster, catch more often, and collect more charms!

A Mountainous Welcome to new Hunters Awaits!

After working on improving his training methods and techniques in the Town of Gnawnia and Windmill, Larry has set his sights to the craggy peaks of the Mountains. For years he's helped new hunters become familiar with the mysterious charms that are littered within the snowy crags and the powers they hold. In doing so, he has figured out how to refine and refocus his methods so hunters can receive the best training they possibly can.

Striking a deal with Moustachio, Larry has convinced the researcher to offer the Charm Conduit at no cost. That's right, the Charm Conduit is now free and no longer requires any gold from the Hunter. In addition, the Mountain Charm Shoppe has seen changes in its inventory and pricing. Now the shoppe only offers Charmbits, Power Charms, and Prospector Charms, with both Power and Prospector Charms being sold at a lower price.

Makes one wonder what Larry offered in exchange for such a generous reduction. Perhaps it was a lifetime supply of moustache wax!

The Mountain: Reshaped and Refined

Years and years of bombardment from the power of the charms used here have sculpted a much more refined Mountain than what may be familiar to veteran hunters. After constant rattling and explosions, it seems a deeper layer of power charms has been revealed. Most mice will now be carrying Power Charms and even Super Power Charms instead of Small Power Charms so hunters will be able to blast through Chedd-Ore faster than before.

Speaking of which, it seems as though it's not just Power Charms that have been rattled from deep within. The delicious Chedd-ore boulders have been seen in more abundance, allowing hunters to continue to mine them regardless of what cheese they have equipped. You can now mine Chedd-ore even while using Chedd-ore or Abominable Asiago!

Lastly, it seems as though the disruption has caused the mouse population itself to shift and adapt to the new environment. Mouse encounter pools have been split into different standard cheese types, so check your trap effectiveness to see if your cheese will attract the mice you're after. You may even encounter a familiar face, The Flying Mouse, here in the Mountains. On top of that, mice strengths and their gold rewards have been adjusted. So, not only are mice a bit easier to catch, they're also more rewarding!

The Mountain HUD within the mobile app may appear out of date until the latest update has been downloaded. Keep an eye out for an update v1.116.0 (or higher) in the App Store and Google Play.
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Posted Nov 16, 2021 4:04pm by James 🐻 Pratt

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