November 9, 2021

Patch Notes for November 9, 2021

Mobile Treasure Map UI Updates

  • New map menu tabs to navigate between active maps, community-related views, and scrolls (inventory and shops)
  • Removed some redundant treasure map menu options
  • "Start a Treasure Map" prompt now automatically appears under new Maps tab if not on an active map
  • Inviting to or requesting map invites has been streamlined to allow more rapid tapping
  • Improved sorting menu on invite view and added categories for filtering by Favourites, Nearby, and Team
  • Added ability to purchase scroll cases without traveling
  • Added ability to transfer map ownership (tap a hunter on your map)
  • Added ability to open a treasure chest right away after claiming the reward for a completed map
  • Caught mice are now categorized by hunter
  • Opening mouse info popup is easier and environment names are now tappable
  • Added ability to navigate to newly opened map after Rare Map Dust is found inside the scroll
  • Map view now shows who dusted the map
  • Leaving a map or claiming the chest reward will automatically navigate to the next active map (if a hunter was on more than one map)
  • Fixed bug where "sheen" appeared over treasure chest reward even on non-rare maps
  • Map owners can now elect to leave a map without activating consolation mode (if consolation mode is available)

Community Map Listing Updates

Unless otherwise stated, these updates apply to both browser and mobile.
  • Added ability to search listed maps by their name
  • Added ability to sort listed maps by Name, Mice Caught, and Hunters
  • Removed pagination and added endless scroller
  • Full and empty maps will no longer show up in the Community Map Listing
  • [browser] Added new menu link under Friends > Community Maps to go straight to public listings

Miscellaneous UI/UX Improvements

  • Added journal entry when an invite request is accepted and a hunter joins the map
  • Changed "glow" around profile picture of hunter who dusted the map from blue to gold
  • Fixed alphabetization of mice on maps
  • Mobile Inventory and Trapsmith now show flavour text description for trap skins instead of the description of the trap it applies to
  • Number of friends in area now appears on the travel map within the mobile app
  • Tweaked how loot drops are displayed when viewing a caught mouse within the mobile app to better support large quantities of dropped loot
  • Fixed issue with brewing Runic String Cheese Potions in the Bristle Woods Rift

Updates to Elite-level and Slayer-type Maps

Changes aimed at having Elite-level map rewards (especially Slayer) better align with their difficulty. Additionally, Chrome Slayer Maps have been made available to provide a more rewarding type of Slayer Scroll Case which always contains a title-appropriate difficulty of map when opened.
  • Elite Slayer Map rewards have been updated by introducing a new chest and renaming existing ones to "2020 Slayer Treasure Chest"
    • New versions of Elite Slayer Treasure Chests now reward 21 days of the Slayer Aura upon opening
    • New versions of Elite Slayer Treasure Chests now reward 6 Baitkeep Charms and Rare Elite Slayer Chests reward 12 Baitkeep Charms
    • New versions of Elite Slayer, Elite Chrome Slayer, and Elite Season 9 treasure chests reward an additional item from a special exclusive reward list
  • Treasure maps of all types no longer include Shattered Carmine, King Scarab, or Dark Magi mice (does not apply to maps already started)
  • Elite difficulty maps (Relic Hunter, Slayer, Chrome Slayer) now contain 5 fewer mice (40 instead of 45, does not apply to maps already started)
  • Going forward, the following mice can now appear on Elite Slayer Treasure Maps:
    • King Grub
    • Cursed Librarian
    • Ascended Elder
    • Ful'Mina, The Mountain Queen
    • The Empyrean Empress
  • Going forward, the following mice can now appear on Arduous Slayer Treasure Maps and Arduous Chrome Slayer Treasure Maps:
    • Huntereater
    • Diamondhide
    • Theurgy Warden
    • Dawn Guardian
  • Chrome Slayer Maps now have an Elite-level difficulty requiring a title of Archduke/Archduchess to obtain when opening the Scroll Case (as was before, the difficulty of a Chrome Slayer Map determined by the title of the hunter opening the Scroll Case and is not random)
  • Chrome Slayer Maps can now be purchased from the King's Cart in exchange for 1 regular Slayer Scroll Case, 2 Rare Map Dust, and 100 Ancient Relics
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.115.0 and above.

Posted Nov 9, 2021 by Giorgio Sintichakis

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