Relic Hunter Season 9 has begun!

Searchable Community Maps, Improved Mobile UI, New Rewards!
The new season of Relic Hunter brings exciting updates and unique rewards.

Relic Hunter Season 9 has begun!

The new Relic Hunter season brings with it exciting updates to Community Maps, important mobile interface improvements, changes to Elite and Slayer maps, and unique seasonal rewards.

So gather your relics, assemble your treasure hunting team, and prepare for adventure!

Community Map Listing Updates

You can now search, filter, and sort treasure maps by their name, number of mice caught, and number of hunters on the map on both the browser and mobile app.

Searchable Community Map Listings on browser
Searchable Community Map Listings on mobile

There's also a handy menu link to go straight to the publicly listed Community Maps section.

Menu link to public Community Map Listings on browser

Now it's even easier to find and join community maps of every shape and size!

Interface Improvements

Mobile Improvements

We've made even more mobile interface improvements from last year that will make mapping on mobile even smoother, more feature-rich, and more consistent with the browser experience.

Mouse info on mobile

These new additions to mobile are too numerous to list but here are some key changes:

  • Navigation tabs have been added to make treasure mapping more seamless
  • Caught mice are now grouped by the hunter who caught them
  • Inviting friends to your map has helpful filtering and sorting improvements
Map navigation tabs on mobile
Caught mice organized by hunter on mobile
Improved hunter invite view on mobile
For an exhaustive list of all the changes to the mobile map UI, check out today's patch notes!

Chrome Slayer Treasure Maps

Introducing for the first time: Elite Chrome Slayer Treasure Chests!

These prestigious treasure chests are awarded upon completion of an Elite Chrome Slayer Treasure Map, a challenge for only the bravest of hunters Archduke/Archduchess and above!

Elite Chrome Treasure Chest
Rare Elite Chrome Treasure Chest

Slayer and Chrome Auras

When opening any Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest, both Chrome and Slayer auras are rewarded!

Slayer Aura iconChrome Aura icon

Chrome Slayer Scroll Case Exchange

Exchange your regular Slayer Scroll Case along with 2 Rare Map Dust and 100 Ancient Relics for a Chrome Slayer Scroll Case at the King's Cart.

Elite Chrome Slayer Scroll Case exchange

Chrome Slayer Scroll Cases always open to reveal a map with difficulty that matches your hunter title.

Elite and Slayer Map Updates

Existing Elite treasure maps have been rebalanced to remove some unfair mice, add mice that were missing, and improve treasure chest rewards.

In addition to this, all Elite treasure chests (Slayer, Chrome Slayer, and Relic Hunter) now reward an additional item from a special exclusive reward list. Any Elite treasure map completed from this point forward will reward you with the improved treasure chest.

You can see a complete list of all the changes related to Elite and Slayer maps in today's patch notes!

Seasonal Rewards

We've created some new and unique Limited Edition bases this year as Seasonal Rewards for the most dedicated map hunters!

New Gemology Base

This base will help to speed up your progress in the Fungal Cavern by removing some meddlesome mice and improving the encounter rates for mice that drop more Minerals, Gemstones, and Diamonds.

Gemology Base

Gemology Base

Improves collection rate of precious stones in the Fungal Cavern!

  • Power: 350
  • Power Bonus: 18%
  • Attraction Bonus: 18%
  • Luck: 10

New Compass Magnet Base

Using this base inside of the Labyrinth has a 30% chance of removing a Dead End Clue from your Labyrinth Compass after every hunt, even within intersections.

Compass Magnet Base

Compass Magnet Base

Remove Dead End Clues from your Labyrinth Compass, even within intersections!

  • Power: 100
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 5

As always, your chances of receiving the LE Seasonal Reward bases in a Relic Hunter treasure chest increase as you open more chests and rare chests will provide an even higher chance. Once you've completed 30 Relic Hunter maps, you will have a 100% chance to receive the Seasonal Rewards. So get out there and start mapping!

Limited Time Relic Hunter Rewards

Check out these exciting new limited-time donation kits and bundles to give your treasure hunting a head start!

Relic Hunter Starter Pack
Lowest price ever on Rare Map Dust!
Gilded Scroll Case and Map Dust Bundle
Includes a free Rare Map Dust!
Treasure Hunting Gift Set
Give the gift of adventure!
Gilded Scroll Case
Find Gilded Chests!
20 Rare Map Dust
The 20-for-20 deal is back!
Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
The Ultimate Mapper
Limited time rewards will be available until Tuesday, November 30, 2021 4 PM (UTC)

Halloween Final Countdown

The magical hut in the Gloomy Greenwood is itching to leave, taking its cauldrons with it. It has places to be! Finish brewing your remaining ingredients with Reactive Reagent or cash them out in the shops and spend all of your Evil Extract before the hut leaves completely on...

Tuesday, November 16, 2021!

All Evil Extract and ingredients will be removed from your inventory on this date so spend them while you can!

Posted Nov 9, 2021 4:13pm by Giorgio Sintichakis

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