Larger Trap Images and Profile Airships

Two new features to embrace the ambience of MouseHunting!
View your trap image in high resolution and show off your Airship Cosmetics!

Two new Features

Greetings, hunters! Two new features are here to check out as part of your Camp and Hunter Profile! Both of these two new features will let you take in the ambience of MouseHunting and see detail like never before.

Larger Trap Images

Expand Trap Image

Ever wonder what's printed on the side of the School of Sharks? Ever want to stand in awe of the Chrome MonstroBot and feel just as small as the Droid admiring it? Perhaps you just want to admire the delicate hands of the Clockapult of Time.

Well, wonder and wait no longer! A new "expand" icon has been to added trap setups on both the Camp and Hunter Profile pages to view trap setups in high resolution. Get up close and personal with your favourite setup or check out a friend's in greater detail!

Note: Higher resolution trap images are only available while playing from a web browser and are not supported in the mobile app.

Airship Hangar

Airship Hangar

While hunting at the Floating Islands, a hunter's airship will now be viewable on their Hunter Profile page slightly above their trap setup. This airship can be tapped to open the hunter's Airship Hangar where their entire collection of Airship Cosmetics can be viewed.

Want to see more environment-specific setups and stats for you and your friends? Would you like to see a whole profile section dedicated to this type of environment-specific information? Get the conversation started on Discord, the Forums, Facebook, or join us during Feedback Friday to let us know!

Note: To view Airship Hangars on mobile, make sure to download the latest update from the App Store or Google Play.

Posted Aug 3, 2021 3:48pm by Dave Vanderburg

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