April 27, 2021

Patch Notes for April 27, 2021

  • Fine tuned mobile pull to refresh animation to avoid blank space appearing on certain device resolutions
  • Added unique artwork for the various SUPER|brie+ price points in the Premium Store
  • Added unique artwork for the SUPER|brie+ Supply Kit available in the King's Arms & King's Cart
  • Corrected alignment issue causing cheese to not be centered below a hunter's trap in the Camp page trap selector
  • Corrected issue causing Cartographer items to not correctly appear in the King's Arms & King's Cart
  • Corrected outdated image of Empowered Anchor Charm on the Sunken City HUD by breaking cache to force all players to redownload the image
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the Sky Map in Floating Islands to not update properly after upgrading the Skyfarer's Oculus
  • Corrected problem causing large traps to not render correctly in Larry's Loot Lexicon, the base to appear too large
  • Fixed bug with mobile Favourite Trap Setups which caused the currently equipped trap skin to disarm when activating a saved setup
  • Corrected issue causing the mobile app to soft crash when using Favourite Trap Setups with certain trap and skin combinations
  • Corrected problem with gifting inbox notifications that would occasionally link to Facebook from mousehuntgame.com and vice versa
  • Searching for a hunter by their Hunter ID in the friend section now displays various action buttons to send map invites, friend request, etc.
  • Clicking a Hunter ID on a profile page now copies the ID to the clipboard
  • Corrected problem when crafting Sky Pirate Swiss causing the Magic Essence version to not correctly appear as disabled should the hunter not own enough Magic Essence
  • Added more checks for when the mobile app needs to "resync" to download updated game content
  • Fixed bug causing the main navigation menu to not navigate correctly while viewing the inventory
  • Total Pollutinum refined now appears the Toxic Spill HUD for the purposes of checking adventure progress towards refining 200 total Pollutinum
  • Corrected layering issue causing some hunter tooltips in the treasure map interface to not appear on top of other interface elements
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.106.0 and above

Posted Apr 27, 2021 by Dave Vanderburg

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