Recent Maintenance

Recent Maintenance and Downtime

Today shortly after the Lunar New Year event came to an end the game began to experience issues including trap setups and hunt results changing. Upon the issue coming to our attention we confirmed there was an issue and decided to put the game into unscheduled maintenance due to the severity of the problem.

The dev team got to work investigating what the cause of problem was. After some time we identified a network configuration issue isolated to a group of servers that were brought online shortly after the Lunar New Year event came to an end. This network issue caused connectivity problems between the web server and a data server causing the problem with trap setups not saving or changing.

We have now removed these faulty servers which appears to have corrected the issue

Thanks for your patience and understanding while the team investigated the network issue at our hosting provider. Unfortunately during the period of instability hunters may have experienced strange events or side effects such as their trap setup or hunt results changing. If you experienced a major issue please contact us via support with a screenshot of the issue and description of what you experienced. We appreciate your patience as our response times may be slower due to an increased quantity of support requests.

Glitchpaw Mice on the Loose

Glitchpaw mice have been spotted on the loose! These computer-snacking, bug-causing, networking-clogging vermin can be encountered in a variety of locations throughout the Kingdom and carry bonus loot! Glitchpaws will go back into hiding on Friday, February 26.

These mice can be encountered in Balack's Cove, Acolyte Realm, Bazaar, Calm Clearing, Cape Clawed, Catacombs, Claw Shot City, Derr Dunes, Muridae Market, Dojo, Dracono, Elub Shore, Forbidden Grove, Gnarled Tree, Jungle of Dread, Habour, Laboratory, King's Gauntlet, Meadow, Lagoon, Meditation Room, Mousoleum, Mountain, Pinnacle Chamber, Seasonal Garden, S.S. Huntington, Town of Gnawnia, Training Grounds, Town of Digby, Windmill, King's Arms, Tournament Hall, Crystal Library, Furoma Rift Training Grounds, Fort Rox, Queso Geyser (not during an eruption), outside the Valour Rift Gauntlet Tower, Floating Islands Launch Pad, Bristle Woods Rift Gearworks Chambers, Toxic Spill below Archduke level, and Moussu Picchu.

Posted Feb 23, 2021 10:00pm by Dave Vanderburg

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