November 10, 2020

Patch Notes for November 10, 2020

  • Logging into an inactive account will now perform the following to assist with account recovery:
    • Send an alert email to the account owner with a password recovery link
    • Log an event in our customer support system
  • When resetting a password, players can now choose to log out of all other game sessions on all devices
  • Updated Novice title description to mention players can hunt in the Meadow

🔐 Account Security Reminder

We've added these new security features to better assist hunters with recovering compromised accounts. Now is a great time to give your own account a quick security check up!

  • Make sure you've set an email address in user preferences to be able to reset a forgotten password
  • Ensure you're using a strong password that you haven't used for any other site or game
  • Never share your account details or allow someone else to login to your account (You run the risk of losing your account and items!)
  • When logging into the game, double check you're at and be wary of fake sites pretending to be MouseHunt
  • Be cautious of what browser extensions, plugins, or third-party tools you use, and if a tool asks for your account information or login details, do not provide them
  • Do not copy-paste code someone asks you to run inside of your browser developer console
Stay safe and happy hunting!

Posted Nov 10, 2020 by Norman Hussey

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