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October 28, 2020

Patch Notes for October 28, 2020

  • Added a 5-person variant of Sky Pirate Map to the Floating Islands Cartographer which costs more Pirate Seals and rewards the same chest(s) as a 4 person Sky Pirate Map
  • Ultimate Ancient Charms can now be purchased from the Floating Islands Charm Shoppe for 2 Extreme Ancient Charms and 900 Gold
  • Renamed the Rainbow Luck Charm to Rainbow Charm and boosted its stats:
    • 1,000 Power (up from 800)
    • 10% Power Bonus (up from 0%)
    • 10% Attraction Bonus (up from 0%)
    • 12 Luck (unchanged)
  • Rainbow Charms can now be purchased from the Floating Islands Charm Shoppe for 2 Ultimate Ancient Charms and 1,200 Gold
  • Changed how "Wardens Defeated" is visually displayed in the Floating Islands HUD while on the Launch Pad
  • Added indicator of Wardens Defeated in a tooltip when hunting on a Floating Island
  • Tweaked text in Floating Island retreat/depart dialogs
  • Tweaked positioning of Sky Map tooltips to not obscure the "Cycle" button as much
  • Fixed bug causing trap recommendations to not correctly update after traveling to a Floating Island until refreshing the page
  • Fixed bug causing maximum craftable amount of Cloud Cheesecake to be displayed incorrectly in the Floating Islands HUD
  • Fixed bug causing the last hunt on a Floating Island to use the Launch Pad setup from the Trap Library
  • Updated journal entries, retreat/depart dialogs, and added HUD messaging to better highlight a Treasure Trove being rewarded for fully exploring a Floating Island
  • Fixed display bug causing a lucky clover to appear next to Floating Island resource drops that already have a 100% drop chance
  • Tweaked look of Loot Caches on Floating Islands HUD
  • Fixed text overflow problem in some Floating Island resource tooltips
  • Corrected journal text when discovering a Cloud Curd Bonus
  • Richard the Rich, Captain Cloudbeard, Mairitime Pirate, and Scarlet Revenger mice have been temporarily removed from all Elite-level maps and will be added back upon the launch of the 2021 Lunar New Year event
  • Corrected inconsistent messaging when purchasing cheese from a HUD within the mobile app where the same flow would use both "buy" and "craft" as a call to action
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.95.2 and above

Posted Oct 28, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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