September 22, 2020

Patch Notes for September 22, 2020

Floating Islands Gameplay Updates

  • Skydiver and Sky Greaser mice now always drop a single Cloud Curd
  • Launchpad Labourer Mouse now drops two Cloud Curd instead of one
  • Weakened all Floating Islander Launch Pad mice and adjusted encounter rates to further increase overall catch rate while increasing Cloud Curd drops
  • Corrected Agent M's missing "very effective" rating against Law traps which was making it approximately twice as difficult to catch than intended
  • Slightly weakened all Floating Islander Lofty Lawbreaker mice
  • Slightly weakened all Floating Islander Cloud Commoner mice
  • Significantly weakened all Floating Islander Dashing Dragon mice
  • Slightly weakened all Floating Islander Sky Pirate mice
  • Weakened Richard the Rich
  • Added Launch Pad encounter rates for all standard bait types

Floating Islands Interface Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Corrected slight visual misalignment of Bottled Wind toggle control on Floating Islands heads-up display
  • Increased contrast of Bottled Wind toggle control on Floating Islands heads-up display to make active/inactive state more obvious
  • Added High and Low Altitude Treasure Troves to Flight Log tracking (Note: Troves claimed before the update was applied will not appear in logs.)
  • Island resource "panels" on the browser client Floating Islands heads-up display can now be clicked to leave the tooltip open
  • Updated Floating Islands High Altitude Retreat/Depart dialogs to more strongly emphasize wardens will need to be defeated again to return to High Altitude
  • Added more Floating Island journal icons to the mobile app
  • Made names of Airship Cosmetics fully readable in the mobile workshop
  • Warden and Paragon mouse images now properly display a silhouette when viewed from the mobile Floating Islands heads-up display until that mouse has been captured
  • Tapping your airship on the mobile app Floating Islands heads-up display while visiting an island now loads the workshop interface
  • Updated look and feel of Flight Log in the mobile app
  • Corrected issue where the Floating Islands Trap Library would save a charm armed with "zero quantity"
  • Updated Airship Cosmetic preview in mobile app
  • Corrected mobile app Floating Islands heads-up display incorrectly showing "x4" and "x8" loot modifiers
  • Made the "sparkles" added by Loot Caches more apparent in the browser client Floating Islands heads-up display (mobile update to come)
  • Corrected slight gap between weapon and base in some traps available at the Floating Islands Trapsmith
  • Fixed incorrect "Warden caught!" text in Flight Log when viewing previous flight to a high altitude island
  • Fixed Sky Wardens and Paragons being attracted to bait other than Cloud Cheesecake, Sky Pirate Swiss, and various standard bait types
  • Fixed incorrect reference to "Sky Pirate Swiss" instead of Corsair's Curd in some Floating Islands journal entries

Interface, Artwork, Gameplay, and Quality-of-Life Updates

  • Added Mutated Brown mice to Indigenous Mouse Hunting tournament
  • Added missing DeathBot and MonstroBot skins to mobile Premium Shoppe
  • Added Drilling Gift Set and Most Wanted Theme to iOS premium store with 10 SB+ added to each to accommodate higher price point
  • Added Fiery Warpath to the scoreboards with Artillery Commander catches, Warmonger catches, and Longest Streak
  • Updated image assets on mobile for 1600 SB+ kit and 3500 SB+ kit
  • Added transcriptions for all Torn Pages
  • Made transcriptions visible alongside Torn Page artwork on both browser and mobile
  • Adjusted artwork for Circlet of Pursuing Trap
  • Increased image resolution of various hunter title shield icons on the Hunter Titles page
  • Improved display on Hunter Titles page with minor visual tweaks
  • Added missing number of hunts until dawn in mobile app Fort Rox heads-up display
  • Added tooltips for the Trap Selector on the Camp page to show the name of the current Trap, Base, and Charm
  • Added links to the wiki for each location on the Travel page and in Larry's Tips
  • Added a live countdown timer to the Forbidden Grove description on the Travel page
  • Added the following changes to the Team page:
    • Journal tab now shows to all hunters
    • Journal entries are only shown for hunters currently in an active tournament
    • During tournaments:
      • When someone views the journals for a team other than their own, they will only see publicly visible catch entries (no FTC, FTA, etc).
      • Teammates viewing the journals will be able to see private journal entries as well as public.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected overflowing news post title text in mobile app
  • Corrected HTML character codes being displayed within player names in the gifting interface
  • Fixed hunter title shield icons showing different asset after page reload
  • Fixed some views not updating properly when navigated to via the HUD
  • Fixed hyperlink from journal entry to King's Crown page
  • Fixed rare issue of King's Reward puzzle showing "???"
  • Fixed an issue where Bonus Luck was not being removed from the Prestige Base when the Unlucky Alarm was activated in Bristle Woods Rift
  • Fixed journals not showing pressure change for catches that caused an eruption in Queso Geyser
  • Fixed issue of Prize mice showing "0/0" in the event mice list by removing the number altogether because Prize mice are not counted towards totals
  • Fixed issue of reCAPTCHA icon on login page occasionally moving erratically on hover
  • Fixed issue of mobile occasionally showing incorrect error message during maintenance mode
  • Fixed issue on mobile where regular General Store items were appearing in the King's Cart General Store
  • Fixed issue with the Forbidden Grove timer showing incorrect time in the Your Stats/Location section

Copy Updates and Typo Corrections

  • Changed the display order of Event mice in the mice list to be chronological (except for Misc and Prize)
  • Fixed miscategorization of "Message" items in Marketplace from Special to Collectible
  • Updated Dragonbane Charm descriptions to reflect their effectiveness against all "dragon-like mice"
  • Updated title descriptions to mention King's Arms, Tournament Hall, and the various phases of the Toxic Spill
  • Corrected typo in description of Ultimate Polluted Charm
  • Corrected typo in description of Splintered Stone Sentry Mouse
  • Updated text in mobile app when joining a Gnawnian Express Train ride
  • Corrected various misspellings of "feisty" throughout the game
  • Corrected typo in Shroom Mouse description
  • Corrected issue where gifts from Larry the Friendly Knight would occasionally refer to being from the King
  • Changed Pressurized Egg action verb to be "Crack Open" instead of "Use"
  • Updated Larry's Tips in Zugzwang's Tower to explain accurate retreat mechanic
  • Updated Living Shard description to remove mention of looting them from Monster mice
  • Renamed event treasure chests to have a consistent naming convention: [year] [rarity] [full default name]
  • Updated kit name from "Tournament Kit" to "Tournament Supply Kit" on mobile
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.94.2 and above

Posted Sep 22, 2020 by Norman Hussey

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