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September 8, 2020

Patch Notes for September 8, 2020

  • Retired Minotaur Mouse no longer drops Forgotten Charms and subsequently drops an increased number of Shuffler's Cubes
  • The "Elite" difficulty level of Treasure Maps and Scavenger Hunts can now be obtained from the Relic Hunter Mouse by hunters with rank Archduke/Archduchess and above
  • Ful'Mina the Mountain Queen now drops items needed to repair a Damaged Oculus in their own "slot", such that she can drop a Ful'Mina's Tooth alongside oculus repair items.
  • Ful'Mina the Mountain Queen now drops items needed to repair a Damaged Oculus slightly more frequently.
  • Essence Prisms, Living Shards, and Gold Leaf can now be purchased from the Moussu Picchu General Store.
  • Capturing Ful'Mina the Mountain Queen 3 times now unlocks the Repaired Oculus crafting recipe.
  • Adjusted possible mice for various Slayer, Gilded, Lightning, and Relic Hunter Treasure Maps, including adding missing Rift mice
  • Rat Lunar Lantern moved into the "Vintage" category within Special inventory
  • New "Resources" category within Special inventory to help downsize the "Equipment" category
    • Special inventory items tagged as "Resources" typically refer to fuel-type items or area-specific loot that is gathered and consumed in generally larger quantities

Posted Sep 8, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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