Ascending to new Hollowed Heights

What lies beyond the storms of Moussu Picchu?
Build your own dirigible and take flight to explore what lands may float above Hollow Heights.

Take Flight above Hollow Heights

With her airship docked in Gnawnia, Ronza has been busy studying the cause of the troublesome turbulence that plagued her flightpath through Hollow Heights airspace. She's long known the storms above Moussu Picchu to be supernatural in nature, but only recently discovered their origin is directly tied to Storm Dragons.

Above the peaks of Moussu Picchu, above even the clouds obscuring their summit, severe magical storms ravage the skies preventing any hunter from daring to explore the mysteries high above Hollow Heights. However, the relentless pursuit to understand the source of Ful'Mina the Mountain Queen's power, along with Ronza's recent flight data, has revealed a glimpse into how Storm Dragons can bend the power of weather to their will.

After close collaboration with Ronza, the Cartographer at Moussu Picchu has put forth a design plan for a dirigible capable of navigating through the magical storms!

Recovering an Oculus for Aerial Reconnaissance

Ronza's flight data has confirmed what many believed to be myth: Ful'Mina and the other Storm Dragons are in possession of four magical weather stones. These stones are believed to protect Storm Dragons from the intense weather energy they so easily control and are the secret to protecting an airship seeking passage above Hollow Heights.

Finding these stones, however, is no straightforward task. They're obscured from anyone not utilizing a Skyfarer's Oculus for aerial reconnaissance. Ancient legend states that this powerful lens is guarded by Ful'Mina herself, which means you must confront her at Moussu Picchu and pry the oculus from her powerful grasp.

Purchasing your Airship

Once you safely recover a fully functional Skyfarer's Oculus, you'll be able to seek out the four warden stones and purchase your very own dirigible!

Put your oculus to use by tracking down any of the Storm Dragon mice and recover a Fog Warden Stone, Frost Warden Stone, Rain Warden Stone, and Wind Warden Stone.

Finally, visit the Moussu Picchu Cartographer to have the four stones and oculus installed onto your very own dirigible!

Preparing for the First Air Expedition

With so many hunters about to become novice pilots, the King has expressed some concern for safety.

His Majesty has decreed that the first air expedition will be an armada of airships led by Ronza herself!

Under the experienced tutelage of Ronza, the King is confident that the first coordinated flights by Gnawnian hunters will proceed without incident.

Hunters of rank Archduke/Archduchess (and above) who have secured their own Dirigible and Flight License on Tuesday, September 8 can be some of the very first to take flight and explore what lands are floating above Hollow Heights. Thereafter, any hunter is free to take flight without the direct supervision of Ronza.

The first air expedition will depart on Tuesday, September 8.

Posted Aug 25, 2020 4:31pm by Dave Vanderburg

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