April 21, 2020

Patch Notes for April 21, 2020

  • Upgraded the framework the mobile app is built on to improve performance and incorporate important security updates.
  • As a result of upgrading the mobile framework, the minimum required Android version is now KitKat (Android v4.4).
  • Restored Facebook login and support within the iOS app.
  • Fixed problem in mobile app where the keyboard would occasionally appear while scrolling.
  • Corrected some issues with receiving push notifications from the mobile app about support inquiries.
  • Corrected issue in mobile app where power type icons would appear too large.
  • Corrected issue in the mobile app where Library Assignment information would not appear without pulling to refresh Camp, sounding the horn, or taking another action.
  • Added support for iOS dark mode notifications.
  • Fixed issue where journal entries would occasionally be missing due to hunting from the Android widget until the app was relaunched.
  • Corrected issue in mobile app where searching would not work the first time a list was loaded.
  • Fixed problem causing the app to "soft crash" when changing to a new favourite trap setup.
  • Corrected image clipping problem in mobile marketplace listings for "Most Demanded" and "Most Expensive".
  • Fixed incorrect last online of "1 sec" in friends list within the mobile app.
  • Optimized how treasure map invites are sent on mobile.
  • Fixed keyboard interrupting map transition animation.
  • Fixed event mice count displaying negative or incorrect values.
  • Added stricter network checks to Android Widget to prevent spinner from spinning indefinitely.
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.91.0 and above

Posted Apr 21, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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