April 14, 2020

Patch Notes for April 14, 2020

  • Mobile app will now properly "resync" when loading the Premium Shoppe if new items or content has been added.
  • Claiming Marketplace lists will now correctly trigger trap checks.
  • Corrected display order of some adventures.
  • Mobile app no longer allows hunters to attempt to purchase items with a max inventory quantity if the quantity being purchased would put them over the maximum.
  • Corrected missing "Rift" categorization of Rift Snowball Charms.
  • Added a cancel option to the confirm popup when leaving a tournament within the mobile app.
  • Fixed bug where Power Bonus would not appear as red for trap components with a lower Power Bonus than that of a hunter's currently equipped component.
  • Updated artwork for the Leviathan Mouse (may require clearing browser cache).
  • Favourite map hunters is now displayed even while not on a map within the treasure map interface.
  • Updated hover state for star icon used to add a hunter as a favourite map hunter within the treasure map interface.
  • Fixed bug causing Ful'Mina to be displayed as "Ful" in some interfaces.
  • Corrected issue where after removing a favourite map hunter, buttons would not re-enable to add new favourites.
  • Treasure map favourite hunters now correctly loads as disabled if already at 20/20 favourite hunters maximum.
  • Corrected issue when searching inventory items within the mobile app where the last row would be obscured by the navigation bar.
  • The tooltip on the floor progression progress bar within the Valour Rift heads-up display now displays the number of steps until the next Eclipse Mouse will be reached.
  • The "Connect with Facebook" button will no longer appear within the settings section of the mobile app if a hunter has already connected their MouseHunt account to Facebook.
  • Unstable Charm journal entries now display a thumbnail image of the charm that was produced.
  • Tapping "use" to open a gift box or supply kit within the mobile app will now immediately go to the open step if the hunter only owns a single kit/box.
  • Fixed missing display picture within the mobile app when a friend takes you on a hunt.
  • Fixed issue where Crown Collector Mouse would erroneously appear in trap effectiveness.
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.90.7 and above

Posted Apr 14, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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