Happy New Year!

Tasty, Tasty Fireworks Sugar Cookies!

Put on Some Explosive Shorts!

Ring in the coming New Year by capturing the Shorts-All-Year Mouse another time to obtain a fancy pair of Festive Fireworks Shorts! The next time you capture the scheming Shorts-All-Year Mouse, he'll drop a new pair of one-size-fits-all, fireworks-patterned shorts for you to wear.

Covering your keister with these fashionable shorts will help lure the New Year's Mouse, Party Head Mouse, and Frightened Flying Fireworks Mouse to your trap. All three of these mice have a chance of dropping Fireworks Sugar Cookies which you can exchange at the Festive Comet Trapsmith for a new 2020 Base and 2020 Lucky Codex.

Loot Missions at the Festive Comet

The celebrations at the Festive Comet are reaching new heights as fireworks blast into the night sky! Hunters can now send their golems to the Festive Comet itself to loot items including Pecan Pecorino, Throwable Snowballs, Snowball Charms, and the all-new 2020 Charms and Rift 2020 Charms!

Place a Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat on your golems to send them to the party in style! Golems sent to the Festive Comet with a Magical Hat return with more unique items such as SUPER|brie+, Let It Snow Charms, Glazed Pecan Pecorino, and various types of Festive "Ultimate Tier" Charms.

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The Great Winter Hunt will come to an end on January 8

Posted Dec 27, 2019 5:04pm by Dave Vanderburg

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