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MH Toolbar

Hello fellow MouseHunters,

As some of you may or may not know, the toolbar has been made available for download and is circulating through the boards. We will be doing an official release of the toolbar very shortly with a supported link available through the MouseHunt HUD with its own page containing detailed installation instructions and further information about it.

For those who currently have it installed, here are some "ReadMe's" regarding the MouseHunt Toolbar:

Supported Browsers:

Currently the MouseHunt Toolbar is only supported on stable versions of:
Internet Explorer 7+
FireFox 2+
Safari 5 on Mac

Unfortunately the Conduit company, which is the platform/foundation of the MH toolbar, currently does not support the Chrome browser. However, it is a browser they are looking into supporting in the near future.

Technical Issues:

If you are experiencing any technical issues (ie: stats not loading, broken images, not receiving SP)

You can try performing the following to solve these issues:

1.) Clear your cache
Internet Explorer Instructions
Fire Fox Instructions
Safari Instructions

2.) Refresh your toolbar

Instructions: looking at the toolbar from the left hand side you'll see the MouseHunt logo. Next to the MouseHunt logo there is small down shaped arrow. Click on the small down shaped arrow and a drop down box/window will appear. From there, click on "Refresh Toolbar".

10 SuperBrie+ reward for installation:

Once you install the toolbar, you need to log in from the toolbar and do at least one hunt with it to register that you are indeed using the toolbar and have completed the installation of it. This "should" take approximately 30 minutes max but it has been taking longer to sync up with some users. If you have not received the bonus within 48 hours you may contact support.

*** There will be a journal entry added to your journal once the SuperBrie+ is awarded to you through the toolbar. ***

We are currently looking into all reported bugs from the MH boards. In addition, we are looking into a better solution for users receiving their 10 SuperBrie+ reward in a shorter time span.

Other notes:
- You currently do not get SB+ from doing searches.
- You can only get the 10 SB+ reward once. If you uninstall it and re-install it again you will not be rewarded again.

Posted Jul 18, 2010 1:46am by Franco D'Auria

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