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Cherry Mouse in the Calm Clearing

To celebrate our partnership with Cherry Credits and the launch of MouseHunt Cherry Credit Cards in South-East Asia, a new Cherry Mouse has been added to the Calm Clearing in Whisker Woods!

The Cherry Mouse is attracted to the sweet smell of Cherry Cheese, which can be made by potions collected in the Calm Clearing. Cherry Cheese will not only attract the Cherry Mouse but also attract some of the stronger, more valuable mice in the clearing. Make sure your trap is up for the challenge!

We have also optimized the new hunt timer to fix a problem that was causing it to run quickly, making the horn to appear early. The timer should now be accurate on low-end computers as well.

Based on player feedback, we have made the live stream on the camp page only load when the tab is clicked on to view it. The stream will also "unload" when the trap setup or friends tab is clicked. This should make the camp page less strenuous on non-broadband users.

Also in this update:

- We corrected a bug preventing hunters from crafting the S.S. Huntington II if they had more than 1 Ship Blueprint in their inventory.

- The SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket now provides the Lucky Golden Shield to the opener of the basket for one month.

- Shield lengths have been added to the descriptions of SUPER|brie+ packages in the donate pop-up.

- Various typos in traps/mice have been corrected.

Posted Jul 15, 2010 5:36pm by Dave Vanderburg

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