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Next Hunt Timer and Camp Page Changes

Hello MouseHunters! As you have most likely noticed a "next hunt" timer has been added to the heads up display. The timer is accurate to the minute, and is intended to promote healthy competition between your hunting party members by tracking who is the first to sound the horn and score the extra bonus points.

Some extra features have also been added to the camp page to help hunters check which members of their hunting party are online in their location, as well as allowing them to communicate with friends more easily. Seeing where all your friends are at a glance, should prove to be an easy way to decide where the best place to hunt may be. Since the look of these tabs has yet to be polished, we'll be adjusting the look and layout of the new tabs based on player feedback.

We knew the transition from MH v2 to "Longtail" would be a bit of a bumpy ride. With the help of the MouseHunt Community, we've been keeping a close eye on any small problems, trying to spot areas where Glitchpaw Mice may be causing trouble. We've managed to catch the majority of Glitchpaws, and now we need your help to capture the few that remain. We've scattered Glitchpaw Mice around the Kingdom, and they have unique drops in each area they inhabit. Occasionally, they may also require a special hunting strategy. Good luck tracking them down. They're out for a limited time only!

Finally, one more new mouse has been added to the Gnawnia region. The Spotted mouse enjoys the fresh air and sunshine of the Meadow, but its love of travel means it can occasionally be "spotted" in other areas as well.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Also in this update:

- New search filters have been added to the Marketplace
- SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket available via the Donate button. These gift baskets will be added to your inventory and can then be sent to friends using the "Give to Friends" page.
- Title requirement for the King's Gauntlet has been increased to Initiate.
- Larry is no longer speechless in the Windmill, and has a few tips for Apprentice MouseHunters.
- The journal entry Hunters receive upon changing titles has been revamped to include a list of what new abilities/locations the hunter has gained access to.
- A bug preventing mice from weighing over 12oz has been corrected.
- An error image has been added if a browser plugin/script is preventing the King's Reward code image from being displayed.
- Based on feedback, the max inventory quantity for Ship Blueprints has been reduced to one, as it was in MH v2.
- The Silth mouse was overly weak to tactical traps. It has been changed back to its v2 stats, making a hydro trap the best choice.
- Some minor typos were have been corrected in cheese descriptions.
- Added a "Meet and Greet" board to the forums page.

What we're working on next:

- Final testing of the Toolbar is underway, so look for it very soon.
- To celebrate our partnership with Cherry Credits and the launch of the new MouseHunt cards, a new Cherry Mouse is coming to Whisker Woods.
- Improving the look of the MH profile tab and the news post.
- SUPER|brie+ raffles.
- Improving the look of the new camp page tabs.
- Global mouse stats.
- Mouse group stats (eg: 4/26 caught).
- Trap effectiveness messages/bar.
- Display of individual mouse weaknesses. A few "boss" mice in the game (Silth, Acolyte, Dragon) have slightly different optimal setups than the other mice in their group. We're experimenting with how to best communicate these exceptions.
- Mouse badges and accomplishments
- A brand new story line to introduce two new areas for heros, including Zugzwang's Tower. New traps, mice and two brand new types of gameplay.

Posted Jul 13, 2010 4:36pm by Dave Vanderburg

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