Spring Egg Hunt!

Spring Egg Hunt!

The Chocolate Factory has re-opened its doors and this year's Spring Egg Hunt has begun in Gnawnia! But, like clockwork, some trouble-making mouse harbouring a strange obsession with eggs has hatched a plan to sabotage the Eggscavator, making it impossible for hunters to track down eggs!

Hunters must travel to the Chocolate Factory, catch mice to find and use Marshmallow Monterey, and capture 10 eggs being dropped by the mice there in order to re-calibrate the Eggscavator.

Once it's been re-tuned, hunters can then travel across the land and collect special eggs from mice and areas! Hunters who don't yet have an Eggscavator from last year's Spring Egg Hunt can pick one up in the Chocolate Factory's General Store and begin the hunt to re-calibrate it.

The factory doors close and the production of eggs ends on Monday, April 15, so get on out there and get crackin'!


Each egg holds a special treasure inside and hunters can collect as many of them as they like! Can you complete your entire collection of eggs? Or will you go for as many of your absolute favourite eggs as possible?

When you find an egg, visit the Special section of your inventory to smash it open!

Re-acquire, Re-tune, Re-calibrate

Marshmallow Monterey

Hunt in the Chocolate Factory to find mice carrying Marshmallow Monterey. This strangely sweet 'n' peppery cheese has an aroma and flavour only a mouse could love.

Faulty Eggscavator

The Eggscavator may look to be in working order, but it's having trouble tracking down the special egg signal that Spring Egg Hunt eggs broadcast. In order to get it re-calibrated so that you can hunt down those eggs, you'll need to use Marshmallow Monterey to capture mice that drop special factory eggs. Once these have been re-acquired, the Eggscavator will pick up the "scent" and you'll be able to hunt all across the land for Spring Egg Hunt eggs!

When you find an egg, visit the Special section of your inventory to smash it open!

Eggy Charms

Eggscavator Charge Charms

Some special charms have appeared in the Chocolate Factory Charm Shoppe that allow you to charge up your Eggscavator (after it's been re-calibrated) in order to find special Charge eggs! When you hunt with Eggscavator Charge Charms equipped, you build up 1 charge per catch on your Eggscavator and have a chance to find special Charge eggs based on the number of charges built up. Keep your Eggscavator charged at all times for the best chance to find these extra-special Charge eggs!

Eggstra Charms

The incredible magic of these charms will duplicate any bonus eggs dropped by mice, giving you TWO eggs instead of just one. Use Marshmallow Monterey in the Chocolate Factory Charm Shoppe to create these charms, or pickup an Egg Hunting Kit which comes with 5 charms and plenty of Marshmallow Monterey.

Use Marshmallow Monterey in the Chocolate Factory Charm Shoppe to create these eggy charms. After the Spring Egg Hunt is over, any eggcess charms can be smashed with your Hunter's Hammer to create Dark Chocolate Charms.

Dark Chocolate Charms

Made of 88% coco and 12% evil, this sinister piece of confectionery will attract spooky mice when hunting at the Chocolate Factory! Before you arm this charm make sure your trap is properly prepared and that you're up for a challenge! Buy some from the Charm Shoppe!

Spring Gifts and Gift Eggs for Friends!

Gift Egg

These eggs have a variety of items inside to help you in your hunting endeavours. I wonder what's inside this one... Send your friend a Gift Egg this Spring!


Scrambles the Hunting Seer is full of sage hunting advice that will help you see the sunny side of hunting. When you're questioning your hunting strategy, just ask Scrambles for help. Make sure to consult Scrambles before sounding your horn. You never know what piece of advice you'll get from this cuddly little chicken.

Check them all out here!

Spring Tournament

Join a tournament while you're in the Chocolate Factory! Score tournament points while you re-calibrate your Eggscavator!

Check them out here!

Spring Gift Basket and Egg Hunting Kit

Spring Gift Basket

This gift basket is filled with yummy goodies to help you during the Spring Egg Hunt! Inside you'll find 80 Marshmallow Monterey and 20 Dark Chocolate Charms. It also provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened. Buy one and give it to a friend!

Egg Hunting Kit

This eggy kit is choco-full with tons of eggy goodness to really help you during the Spring Egg Hunt! Inside you'll find 200 Marshmallow Monterey, 100 Dark Chocolate Charms, and 5 Eggstra Charms, which give you TWO eggs instead of just one when used with the Eggscavator.

Marshmallow Monterey

This strange flavour is one of the most bizarre, foul tasting flavours of cheese ever made! Despite its vile peppery-sweet flavour, the Spring Mice just love this bait! Arm some of this cheese and one is sure to come your way...

Spring Egg Hunt
  • Head to the Chocolate Factory
  • Collect and use Marshmallow Monterey cheese
  • Obtain an Eggscavator from the General Store, if you don't have one
  • Collect eggs from the mice to re-calibrate the Eggscavator
  • Use the Eggscavator to locate other bonus eggs across the land
  • Use Eggstra Charms to double the bonus eggs looted from mice!
  • Use Eggscavator Charge Charms to find special Charged eggs!

  • Travel to the Chocolate Factory  |  Buy a Spring Gift Basket for a friend or get an Egg Hunting Kit for yourself!

    Posted Mar 25, 2013 3:30pm by Giorgio Sintichakis

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