Tournament Update Pack #1

Tournament Update Pack #1

You may have noticed a sneaky update performed yesterday that changed some things about tournaments. If not, head on over to the Team Profile and Tournament Scoreboard pages and check them out!

Due to the nature of the update, we wanted to watch it closely before announcing it, and now it's time for the unveiling!

We added plenty of new features, improved some older ones, fixed some bugs, and laid down groundwork for future updates.

What's New?

New Challenger Rank

There's a new badge in town: The Challenger! Rank within the top 10% of a completed tournament to earn this badge, along with a greater token bonus. Check the Rules tab for any tournament to see the rewards for obtaining this badge.

In the future, you will be able to show off all of your trophies and badges on your team's profile page!

Be On The Ball

Team members will notify the rest of the team when they join a new tournament, and the tournament HUD will let you know whether or not you're in the right environment to score points!

Team Journals

Visit your Team Profile page to find a new tab featuring the last 4 journal entries for each team member! Watch over your team's progress as you tackle the tourneys!

Team Size Expansion

The competition is growing fierce, so teams must grow with it! Check your Team Profile page to see how to unlock some extra team member slots! Talk to your captain to get completed slots unlocked!

Tweaks and Improvements

Tournament Scoreboard

The Tournament Scoreboard page has been improved to be a little more useful. You'll notice the dropdown menu for selecting a tournament has been cleaned up and is also more helpful!

Team History

The Team History tab on your team's profile page will now list completed tournaments across several pages, and also inform you of any unclaimed prizes!

And Lots More!

A lot of behind-the-scenes fixes, tweaks and improvements for better performance and some groundwork for more tourney updates in the future!

Tourney Update Pack #1
  • Complete tournaments and unlock extra team member slots
  • Check out the improved History and Journal tabs on your Team Profile page
  • Check out the improved Tournament Scoreboard page

  • Join an upcoming tournament!

    Posted Mar 29, 2012 5:00pm by Giorgio Sintichakis

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