Indigenous Mice
Indigenous mice are most often found in the region of Gnawnia. Physical traps work best against indigenous mice, and they prefer normal flavours of cheese, such as cheddar, marble, swiss, brie or SUPER|brie+.
Suggested power types:
Dock Dwellers
Mountain Mice
Forest Guild
Lab Experiments
Shadow Clan
Digby Dirt Dwellers
Followers of Furoma
The Forgotten Mice
Aquatic Order
The Elub Tribe
The Nerg Tribe
The Derr Tribe
The Dreaded Horde
Draconic Brood
Balack's Banished
Gauntlet Gladiators
Seasonal Soldiers
Wizard's Pieces
Zurreal's Breed
Icewing's Invasion
Wild Bunch
Train Robbers
Meteorite Miners
The Marching Flame
Muridae Market Mice
Living Garden Mice
Lost City Mice
Sand Dunes Mice
Queso Canyoneers
Deep Sea Dwellers
Fungal Fiends
Citizens of Zokor
Moussu Picchu Inhabitants
Floating Islanders
Rift Walkers
Rift Stalkers
The Polluted
Event Mice
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