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10 Layer Birthday Cake Base
A 10-layer birthday cake has been baked right into this base to celebrate 10 years of MouseHunt!

Over the last 10 years, the kitchen floors of the castle have seen their fair share of leftovers and table scraps. Slowly, as the years went on, and birthday cake after birthday cake was baked in the The King's Grand Birthday Cake Oven, small remnants and pieces of cakes from years passed collected along the edges of and below the main cooking surface.

The final result? This utter masterpiece, lovingly scraped from the insides of the oven, held together by the strongest known frosting to the Kingdom to ensure perfect cohesion. Carefully stenciled by hand onto each piece is a sweet birthday message to forever remember this moment.

Oh, and of course, being comprised of the very same chunks of cake made for previous birthdays, this base comes with every known special effect present on other birthday cake bases! Namely, the special effects of the various cupcake bases.

Happy 10th Birthday, MouseHunters!
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You can use this item in your trap!
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10 Layer Birthday Cake Base
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