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Equip this in the Queso River or Queso Geyser and prepare yourself...

Who thought a bowl of cheese could be so truly fearsome and terrifying? Were it not for the magical fusion of the Ember Root and Ember Stone, this fire of absolute rage would certainly spread and consume the entire Gnawnian Kingdom!

The Ember Root entwines itself around and through the Ember Stone bowl, suspending a body of queso so scorchingly hot that it has become floating cheese plasma. The inexhaustible heat from the Ember Stone channels through the roots and queso, creating an untameable boil that eradicates the air around it.

The scent and flavour of this queso is impossibly powerful. Merely looking into its glowing heart can leave you temporarily blind, and catching even a whiff of this cheese from as far as the parapets of the Town of Gnawnia will singe the hairs right out of your nose!

This viciously viscous cheese can melt straight through fur, flesh, mouse, and bone. As a result, and for good reason, mice steer clear of this queso. Hunters are instructed to wear specialized welding masks and enormous gauntlets when standing near this bait, and to only handle this rumbling bowl of molten cheese with extremely long drop-forged steel tongs. When placing the bowl of queso onto your trap's base, be extremely careful to not tip it over and spill its contents!

The only thing more terrifying than this cheese is imagining the mouse that would actually consume it.
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