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Fully-Functional Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model
Covered in delicious queso, it's a small wonder the clay and papier-mâché structure of this Queso Geyser replica hasn't completely fallen apart!

This life-like recreation details the start of what appears to be a safe route to ascend the queso waterfall just east of the Cantera Quarry to the location of a mighty geyser known to blast delicious liquid cheese into the sky.

The model also features a real-life working geyser! Though it makes a bit of a mess and the queso used in the reaction is synthetic and smells a bit funny.

The King is a bit confused as to why the Royal Cartographers have chosen to re-create a working model of the area out of clay and craft materials and is not quite sure how hunters will incorporate this into their personal maps...

Obtain this map piece during the Count/Countess adventure:
Slay The Geyser Dragon
Use charms to give your traps special modifiers!
Use cheese with your trap to attract mice!
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Fully-Functional Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model
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