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Dirigible and Flight License
A magnificent vessel crafted by the finest shipwrights on this side of the stratosphere. The hull is made from polished and sealed balsa wood sourced locally in the Hollow Heights region and the massive, puncture-proof™ balloon was painstakingly hand stitched using Spider Mouse silk. The cabin comes fully equipped with all the finest luxuries that one would expect from modern air travel. This stunning skyliner has everything you need to tour the Floating Islands in comfort and style. All it's missing is a captain.

Comes complete with a certified Gnawnian Flight License and a free membership to the Hollow Heights Aerial Yacht Club.

"I must up to the clouds again, to the lonely sun and the sky,
And all I ask is a floating ship and an island to steer her by.
- John Mousefield

Disclaimer: The Hollow Heights Shipwright Association is not responsible for any ships damaged or destroyed by the severe magical storms that are common in this region. It is therefore the responsibility of every shipowner to provide their own Warden Stones at time of purchase.

According to Gnawnian airspace regulations, only hunters ranked Archduke/Archduchess or above are permitted to fly.

Obtain this map piece during the Archduke/Archduchess adventure:
Explore the Floating Islands
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Dirigible and Flight License
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