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Larry's Loot Lexicon
This page seems very different from all of the other loose pages scattered throughout the Crystal Library. Something about it makes it feel very old despite it being in immaculate condition as though it somehow exists beyond the reach of entropy. Upon close inspection of the penmanship, it appears that this page was written by Zugzwang himself! Although... there are several notes scribbled around the margins in a very different handwriting altogether. Someone... or something has been studying this page very intensely and whatever it was must have been far more intelligent than the simple Bookborn that was caught clutching it.

There is one passage in particular that has been circled in bright red ink, it reads:

"The power and importance of this fantastical place cannot be overstated. It is my belief that the mystical creatures that are native to this region they call the Folklore Forest are not only recording the entire history of this land but are actively protecting its integrity! This Book of Lore that they've created possesses a type of magic that I have never encountered before and the magnitude of its power is downright frightening. Changing so much as a single word on one of these pages has the power to alter the course of our history forever! Thankfully their region is protected by a powerful enchanted veil that separates it from the rest of reality and that veil has proved strong enough to keep the mice from reaching this extraordinary place. I shudder to think what terrible things could befall Gnawnia if a mouse of superior intellect were to discover the way in and manage to get their paws on the Book of Lore!"

Many of the notes around the margins appear to have been scribbled hastily and are therefore difficult to make out but there is one that is just barely legible, it reads:

"I must find a way to lure out a guide from that suffocating subterranean underpass..."
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