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Darkest Chocolate Bunny Trap
In the gloomiest depths of the Whisker Woods Rift, there grows a special variety of cocoa bean so dark that even the most sinister woodland creatures dare not eat it. This bean is so intensely bitter that just being near it has a chance to invoke a furious, blinding rage.

Lady Laura, the Master Chocolatier, has managed to harness the power of the bean's bitterness and use it to create a mousetrap specially designed for catching and infuriating the mice of the Whisker Woods Rift. This tempting yet terrifying chocolate bunny appears to be a harmless treat to unsuspecting rift mice but as they get closer, the accompanying eggs crack open to release a heavy mist that subdues the target while the laser eyes warm up to finish the job. The potent aroma of this impossibly bitter chocolate occasionally drives the mice of the Whisker Woods Rift into an unbridled fury.

This trap provides a chance to double the rage when catching any mouse in the Whisker Woods Rift.
Riftwalker Set
Required: Rift Base, Weapon, and Charm
Set Bonus (2 pieces):
  • +20% Power Bonus
Set Bonus (3 pieces):
  • +20% Power Bonus
  • +5 Luck
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Limited Edition
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Req'd Title
Power Type
Power Bonus
Attr. Bonus
Very Stale
Cheese Effect
Darkest Chocolate Bunny Trap
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