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Hunting with the Chesla's Revenge Trap in the Seasonal Garden has the chance to overload it and increase the amount of amplification gained per catch. Just... keep your distance...

Anna Chesla was a world-renowned inventor and chess master, best known for her patented "Advanced Chess" method. Her final invention, Chesla's Revenge, was named by her followers after her mysterious disappearance who saw it as one last attempt to best her bitter arch-rival, Zugzwang.

Ancient rival of Zugzwang, Chesla was never able to defeat the chess master and would frustratingly return time and time again to the Seasonal Garden, biding her time until she was charged up for another attempt. With near perfect mastery of the technological advances of the time, she refused to admit her lack of mastery for chess.

With the focus on charging her Amplifier to enter the tower, she couldn't spare much time for focus on improving her chess tactics. Out of her frustration, she had an epiphany! Using her great technological prowess, she quickly built an extremely powerful coil to gather and focus the magic energies of the Seasonal Garden, greatly accelerating her amplification rate!

Finally being able to focus her energies elsewhere, she had turned up the power too high in anticipation and overloaded the coils. When the bright glow from the coil finally dimmed, she was never seen again.

The power from the coil was not enough to destroy her, and many conflicting theories about her disappearance surfaced over the years, but no one truly knows what became of Anna...

Scrawled upon the underside of the tower, one can make out the word "Checkmate".
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Chesla's Revenge Trap
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