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Baba Gaga created this ornate cauldron by harnessing the arcane energies that grow naturally in the enchanted vines of the Gloomy Greenwood. She built it for the purpose of brewing magical potions powerful enough to defeat all the hunters of Gnawnia so it was poetic justice that those same hunters learned how to turn her creation against her!

This cauldron has been repurposed into a devastating mouse trap that lures in mice who seek to absorb some of its arcane energy but instead find themselves engulfed in a very mysterious and very unpleasant boiling liquid. Most of the time this liquid causes the mouse to vanish into thin air but every once in a while, it actually transforms the unfortunate creature into a useful potion!

This trap has a rare chance to produce a random potion after catching a mouse.

When armed with the Alchemist's Cookbook Base, the base is guaranteed to duplicate any potion that this trap produces.
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Boiling Cauldron Trap
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