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Ancient String Cheese Potion
This bubbling concoction flash petrifies pieces of Brie String and Magical String cheeses by instantly aging them by one full century. Once the initial petrification process has finished, the magical energies locked within its center melt down the outer layer into a nice soft string. Applying this potion to some Brie String or Magical String cheese will transform it into some Ancient String Cheese.
Use charms to give your traps special modifiers!
Use cheese with your trap to attract mice!
You can use this item in your trap!
You can use this item in your trap!
This item has records of forgotten lore!
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This item can be used as part of a recipe to make other items!

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Use this potion to convert one item into another!
  • One potion converts 1 Brie String Cheese to 1 Ancient String Cheese (1000 gold per piece)
  • One potion converts 2 Magical String Cheese to 2 Ancient String Cheese
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Ancient String Cheese Potion
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