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Magical Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese
Magically enhanced Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese is quite the modern marvel brewed up from the scientists at the Laboratory. This fantastical cheese is so repugnantly potent and powerful that it attracts mice from almost all levels of the Toxic Spill regardless of the current level of pollution up to Grand Duke/Duchess! Although you will still have to wait until Archduke/Archduchess to bring forth the mice that reside at that level, this magical variety of blue also increases the chance of attracting those really powerful mice when they do finally reveal themselves!
Use charms to give your traps special modifiers!
Use cheese with your trap to attract mice!
You can use this item in your trap!
You can use this item in your trap!
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This item has records of forgotten lore!
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Magical Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese
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