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Chrome Cutter Airship Hull
Outshine the sun by soaring through the skies in the shiniest airborne vessel ever created! This bright and breathtaking beauty was commissioned by Ronza herself. The components were forged from her finest chrome bits, trimmed with melted Heavy Gold, and then polished to perfection with liquefied Super Wax Charms. The result is a sleek, smooth, and blindingly* beautiful dirigible!

*Warning: Looking directly at this airship on a sunny day may cause permanent retinal damage.*

This is the Hull from the Chrome Cutter Airship Set. Equip this on your airship using the Workshop at the Launch Pad in the Floating Islands.
Use charms to give your traps special modifiers!
Use cheese with your trap to attract mice!
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Chrome Cutter Airship Hull
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