Incorporating FB App Changes

Hey hunters, as mentioned in a news post MouseHunt was updated to accommodate changes to how Facebook applications work. This update has unfortunately introduced problems for a small number of players when trying to access the game. We have been working to resolve issues as they come up and are still working to find solutions to any problems that are still present. Listed below are some steps to follow if you are experiencing problems with the game, along with what issues we are still working on solutions for.

What to check about your browser:


Ensure your browser is up-to-date

Many common problems can be solved by ensuring your browser is up-to-date. If you're using Internet Explorer version 7 or below, we strongly recommend that you update to Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Windows users can download the latest version of Internet Explorer here.

Alternatively, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Ensure your browser accepts third-party cookies

In order to connect your Facebook account with MouseHunt your browser must be able to accept third-party-cookies. Check your browser settings to make sure this option is enabled. Listed below are links explaining how to enable third-party cookies for popular browsers.

Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:

What are cookies? Cookies are commonly used by websites to store browsing information. MouseHunt and other Facebook applications use cookies to remember who you are each time you load a page and keep you "logged-in" to the application. Third-party cookies are cookies that come from a website domain other than the one displayed in the address bar of your browser. Due to the changes to how Facebook applications work, MouseHunt now runs within a "frame" inside of Facebook, which is why it now requires the use of third-party cookies.

Ensure your computer's time and timezone are set correctly

If your computer's time or timezone settings are incorrect it may prevent you from staying logged into the application. If you are stuck in a re-direct loop, or constantly see the message "One moment please..." make sure your computer's time settings are correct. After correcting your time and timezone, log out and back into Facebook before accessing the game.

Clear your browser's cache

If you are having problems with the game's interface such as hover-menus not appearing or clicking buttons does not work it is possible that your browser has an older version of the game's JavaScript cached. Clearing your browser's cache will cause the updated JavaScript to be re-downloaded.

If you need help clearing your cache, check the following help site:

Disable all browser plug-ins, add-ons, extentions and scripts

Browser extensions and scripts can interfere with how framed Facebook applications work. Some ad-blocking browser extentions prevent the frame from being automatically re-sized, resulting in an inability to scroll. Some third-party MouseHunt browser add-ons are dependant on the old version of the game and are causing re-direct loops or blank pages to be loaded. Make sure you disable or uninstall these plug-ins and scripts if you are having problems loading a page, or if some elements on the page are not working correctly.

Current known issues:


JavaScript Errors

Symptoms of JavaScript errors are:

  • Clicking buttons or controls do nothing, such as the camp page trap selector
  • Some pages stay on "loading" or do not work once loaded
  • Special heads-up displays (Zugzwang's Tower, Fiery Warpath, etc) do not load
A small number of players are occasionally experiencing the problems listed above. We are trying to isolate the exact cause of these errors and what browsers it is happening in. Unfortunately, these errors have proven difficult to reproduce, making the solutions hard to find.

Until a solution is found please make sure your browser is fully updated or try using a different web browser.

MouseHunt iPhone Application

Looking for a way to hunt while on then go? MouseHunt has a mobile app available for your Apple or Android device.

Available on the App Store: Download for your Apple device
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