2,500 gold / 4,260 points
Master Burglar Mouse
Regular Burglar Mice pick pockets. . . Master Burglar Mice stage heists. Attracted only to Gilded Cheese and SUPER|brie+, Master Burglars eschew any aspect of life that isn’t gold or diamond-encrusted. Catching a Master Burglar in the Town of Gnawnia is well worth the effort. In the past, they have been known to drop precious items, and this time, rumor has it that the Master Burglars have run off with one of the King’s crown jewels!
Group: Indigenous Mice
Your Stats
Total Catches: 0
Total Misses: 0
Average Weight: 0 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 0 oz.

Global Stats
Total Catches: 1,172,506
Average Weight: 6 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 12 oz.
Difficulty: Impossible (your current trap setup)
Very Effective
Less Effective

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Android app on Google Play
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