1,235 gold / 4,525 points
Chipper Mouse
Chipper mice aren't as chipper as you might expect, given their names. Instead, they all seem to have a chip on their shoulder, and are bitter, spiteful fellows. Chippers work out their frustrations on the ice and rocks in front of them, making quick work of walls and carving tunnels faster than would seem otherwise possible.

In fact, the only other activity that seems to give them solace is stealing hunters' supplies and hiding their ill-gotten goods in holes made slightly too small for human hands.
Group: Icewing's Invasion (Tunnel Rat)
Your Stats
Total Catches: 0
Total Misses: 0
Average Weight: 0 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 0 oz.

Global Stats
Total Catches: 19,022,856
Average Weight: 6 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 12 oz.
Difficulty: Impossible (your current trap setup)
Very Effective
Less Effective
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