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Acolyte Mouse
Years ago, the Acolyte mice brought necromancy to the Kingdom. Their undead creations rose from the depths of the Catacombs, with the sole purpose of destroying Gnawnia. Hunters’ lore states that the first-ever MouseHunter devised a way to turn the spells of the Forgotten Book against the Acolytes and banish them to another realm of existence, somewhere between the dead and the living. Had it not been for Plankrun’s heroic efforts, the small village of Gnawnia may never have become the prosperous town it is today. Now that they have returned, the Acolyte mice are amassing their creations, preparing to achieve their dark destiny: the eradication of each and every MouseHunter!
Group: The Forgotten Mice
Your Stats
Total Catches: 0
Total Misses: 0
Average Weight: 0 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 0 oz.

Global Stats
Total Catches: 1,083,335
Average Weight: 10 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 1 lb. 4 oz.
Difficulty: Impossible (your current trap setup)
Very Effective
Less Effective
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A safe place for all hunters whose primary duties in life are to hunt, trap, and steal from mice in and around the Kingdom of Gnawnia.